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At last, my old Sci-Fi Guys episodes shall be ported to the portal! The "Punch Bungi" game is just a little extra to pass time while waiting for the rest of the file to download. This episode was made in 2000, before broadband, back in the days when timewaster-preloader games were a necessity!

I've made around fifty Flash movies since then, but this... this is my very first one! Sci-Fi Guys. And ahh, the badly handled audio, with its terrible clicks and distorted, loud dialog. I tried to clean it up a little, but you should really see the timeline for it in Flash. It's a MESS. Holy crap, I had no clue at all back then. For one thing, I used about 20 different scenes (!!), using the Event setting on some sound symbols, making it very challenging to figure out which sounds needed action script to shut the fuck off between scenes, and which ones not to. I can't recommend just making one big scene for your movies, kids; you'll have a much easier time of things!

Since these episodes are here mostly for posterity, and since I was about to punch the screen in frustration after spending all morning trying to correct the billion problems this clunky piece of shit needs fixed, I've opted to instead lay bare my learning process, warts and all.

By the way, the "Virus Alert" banner down below links to my Weird Al game demo in a new window. Forgive the advertising; I'm trying to get the game in front of as many eyes as possible. It rocks... try it out!


That was good.

That was very entertaining. A bit hard to understand everything they said, but pretty darn funny. I can't wait to see the rest.

To Zeropulse (and all other who make the same argument):
Read what he says about the flash, idiot. It can't possibly be a rip-off of RAB, because it was his first flash. It came first, and if anything, RAB is a rip-off of this.

This sucked balls

Dude wtf was that? Total rip off from RAB, Yea yea ur the creator or rab, what about that? Bungi was a total copy of hamster dude, and the voices sucked. BTW I love RAB, make new RAbs please.

At long last! It's finally posted on Newgrounds!

I remember seeing this on another site a looong time ago. I always wanted to know why it never got posted on NG. Good to know it's finally here. Can't wait to re-watch all of em (though I guess hope for a new episode after the old ones are re-posted is a little TOO out there...)

I reviewed this like it was the year 2000

This is good even by todays standards. I gave a 10 for interactivity because of the preloader game. I like watching old work, it gives me insight to the inspiration of current work. I can see where bungi would have been a prototype for RAB.

I like cheese!

THis is a pretty funny monie with some humorus action and adventure...pretty good!

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3.96 / 5.00

May 28, 2007
11:23 AM EDT
Comedy - Original

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