Smash Bros. Murder! #2

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The first episode is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/367072

Last we left our adventurers, the New Star Fox team had descended on the battlefield, leaving DK and Mario in heap of...aw, screw descriptions! Here's the keywords: Fox, Samus, Ness, Mewtwo, Popo, Ganon with one 'n', Link, shows, up, DK, Petey, genocide, Kirby, doesn't, appear, kitten, showers, spontaneous bowel cancer, neko, kawaii, <^_^>

What are the critics saying about it already?

JubeiYagyu69 says: "Stop with the Neo Contra references! Nobody gets them!"

69XXXDarkLinkXXX69 says: "i no understan mvoing pics lol how u get them n tha puter?"

CaptainRadd69696969 says: "self-referencing humor isn't very funny, lol"

Join us next episode for the inevitable New Age Retro Hippie cameo! Also, the conclusion! Which involves a New Age Retro Hippie! Hippie!


Haha, nice

I actually enjoyed that.. other than the fact that I had to keep my hand on the volume knob of my speakers.

Every movie in the series so far had fluxuating volume levels... As in, some voices were soft, others were unbelievably loud, which made me turn down my speakers, then turn them back up. Next time, don't be too close to the mic when you're doing voiceovers.. Back up a bit, or install a spit guard.

Overall 8, because it was funny, but slightly troublesome to watch.

CaptainRadd responds:

Thank you for your candor. To be honest, the voice-over is the most difficult part for us (I say "us," since my partner does all the actual animation. This is the frustration we share).

A lot of times, these things are recorded at different times, in different locales. So it's difficult to maintain a constant flow.

That's no excuse, really. But we like to think that the amateur nature of the art lends a sense of savoir faire to the whole...affair (if you'll allow the pun). We're glad you were able to garner some entertainment, though. Keep watching!

deserves #1 spot of the day

Pretty much follows the storyline for ss melee. Great animation, graphics, and sound. Can't wait for the 3rd.

CaptainRadd responds:



This is how cats take a shower!!!

CaptainRadd responds:

Poor Popo! He can't get his tongue to his tail!

that's not murder that complete anihilation

i thought this was going to be something out of sherlock holmes. i found that more to be a complete massacre then a murder. murder means 1 person killed. it should have been called mass murder or total anihilation

CaptainRadd responds:

I apologize if you thought that. I assume you saw the first part, where we talk about "murther," among other affairs.

In any case, I would normally criticize your spelling as a response for your semantics critique. I am inclined, however, to compliment you for spelling "annihilation" with one "n" instead of two.

Good show, friend!

heheh kick a**

well done. that's some action you wont see in smash brothers...ever.

CaptainRadd responds:

And thank Crom for that, or we'd be out of a hobby. Then what would we do? Play the game? I don't think so, no sire.

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4.17 / 5.00

May 27, 2007
8:47 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place May 28, 2007