Cpt. Planet Vs. Al Gore

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Captain Planet plays monopoly and cheats to win. Evil prick!


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that was pathetic dont bother making a flash if your not even gonna make it decent... you probally wasted a good portion of you life doing this so u could waste all the peoples lives who watch this.

tuan69 responds:

lol thank you for your honest feedback.:) thanks for taking the time to watch it.

not very well done

this was was poorly done it looks like this was your first flash submission if so you should of stated that if so keep at it and youl get better. and your probly gonna respond negatively to my comment seeing as you dont know how to take feedback looking at your other responses to the other 4 reviews if your gonna be on newgrounds you have to learn how to take feed back good bad or just plain silly

tuan69 responds:

yeah fuck you.


its good and i like it

tuan69 responds:

thanks. have a nice day.

wow that was kinda funny but it kinda sucked nuts

that looked like something you just through togeater in a few minuts and the end really sucks. plus i think you have to like put in somthing about george lucas for useing the light sabers. and if your gonna be an ass and say stupid shit to answer my comment then you can shove your keyboard up your ass. but if you leave a nice answer then thank you

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tuan69 responds:

How about this?

George Lucas gets a dollar every time someone mentions something about Star Wars.

So go suck his dick while you pay him that dollar.

Didn't finish it because it was just to bad.

I am new to this site but I rate flashes all the time and that one could use a little work. It's a really great idea that just should've had some more time spent on it.

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tuan69 responds:

Hey chocolate face, why don't you go practice shooting with that glock. Coz you sure could use a little work. More time spent on shooting would really help you.

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2.35 / 5.00

May 27, 2007
8:14 AM EDT