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Warhammer: SRM 40,000

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playing lots and lots of 40k gave me inspiration to plop my own characters right in the thick of it. 40k and reservoir dogs injokes abound. enjoy.
EDIT: 8/15/08 Hey, 10,000 views? I guess I got some extra publicity from that 40k toon that made the front page yesterday... anyway, thanks for watching everybody!

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LOL! i play warhammer, so to me this is hilarious i especially love where it's like "he's cow tipping are teminators" and i realize that someone could actually do that.



this is bleeding awesome dude
i wish i could make videos like u

p.s do you play warhammer and if yes what race?

Battosai810 responds:

With some practice you can do this sorta thing. I made this toon well before I had any formal animation training. I play 40k, and I play mostly Guard, but have Iron Warriors, Marines, Space Wolves, and Orks.

Oh Lawd!

I added one of your videos to my absolute win list on youtube, fancy running into you here.

The torture scene was hilarious. The whole thing is like Homestar Runner 40000 if homestar was a smoker.

I also lost it when I saw the Chaos Marine's pauldron had the McDonalds logo on it.

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you've seen my work around - I try to make myself known!

At the time I made this Homestar Runner was probably my biggest influence, so I'm glad you saw the connection. Glad you liked the toon!

Good, I expect more from this universe

Yes, I've been there and done that. I have paid money into the corporate whore, that is Games Workshop and yet, I still go back for more. I think I'm over my addiction for now, but we'll have to see.

As for this, I'd be very interested to see what you'd make of the various other races in this universe. Any of the Xenos races would be hilarious to see SRM take on, with Orks, Eldar, Necrons and Tau all available for lampooning. Imperial Guardsmen would be easy to take the piss out of, so that one's up to you.

I liked the fact that the chainswords actually moved, though I always preferred marines to be armed with power weapons, as while cleaving through armour is quite funny and destructive with the chainsword, it's much easier with the power sword.

Still, that's just a matter of personal preference. With the way that you've progressed with this piece, I think that it's showing that your animation is much improved after a period of less than six months, so we're looking at better productions coming out in the future from you :D

[Review Request Club]

Battosai810 responds:

Had no idea you were a Warham!

40k is one of my favorite settings, and I love it at the heights of its silliness and awesomeness. I did write up a sequel to this cartoon, and I actually went so far as to record the dialogue and start animating it. For one reason or another I never moved on with it though, so it's just sitting 10% completed somewhere on my hard drive. I don't think I'll ever finish it, since going back to three year old work methods doesn't sit right with me. That cartoon would have had Tyranids and the Inquisition in it, along with Space Marines.

I did make more 40k cartoons with the Dawn of Awesome series. They're intentionally terrible, but have done pretty well here on Newgrounds. Go figure.