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First of all this is my first Lock submission to Newgrounds (also one of the first I've finsihed) I had alot of last second work on this and it clearly reflects in the gameplay.

Anyway: read the instructions for the story, and for the lazy of you it is the standard platform controlls : arrow keys for movement space for jumping.

There are two bugs I know of:
1. When you die close to a exit you get to the next level. This is beause the bloodsplatter movieclip touches the exit. Bad thinking of me...

2. The spikes on the final level, it is possible to complete you just need to get the timeng... it's simply because I was lazy... So sorry if you have to much trouble...

Also the reason that this is Flash 6 is because I made the core coding on this on school on a computer with Flash 6.

Happy Lockday and feel free to leave a review! =3

Edit* sorry about that, the first one who was here for about 15 minutes was a premature version, updated!


Hey d00d

<3 for using mah preloader.

<3 L33k

Satanist-Lock responds:

<3 you for making it, I'm to lazy to make my own... and preloaders scare me when it comes to coding them for somem reason ;3

Quite easy

I had no trouble with the spikes. I got through both sets without dieing. the probem I had was on the previous level it took me about 5 tries before I got it.

Satanist-Lock responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game, there is a safespot between the first fist and the middly stage of the second(as you probably figured out since you cleared the level). But yeah except the bugged level it is a short easy game, I had plans for more levels but the time limit (lockday) came faster than I wanted it to.


It's so difficult it's silly. Managed to beat it though. Nice job. Loved the music btw.

Satanist-Lock responds:

=3 I tried to make it somewhat difficult, not as difficult it was with the major bug thar tho, thanks for the nice review =3

Need to fix the bugs.

The game was very good, considering I don't vote usually vote high on clock or lock flash. The spikes made the game a little annoying. I liked the music.

Satanist-Lock responds:

Thank you. But honestly vote on the submission from how good it is, not whether the characters are objects with a c/lock stuck on it. And yes I know the spikes are pretty annoying, but as time wass running short I didn't have the time to make a movie clip for each spike.


Good sprites, awesome music, average gameplay, ok it is good gj.
The only thing i dislike is the fps, it goes too fast or it is just me?


Satanist-Lock responds:

You may be right, but when making something as small as this I use around 40 fps to lowevr the animation needs of walking and such...

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3.06 / 5.00

May 26, 2007
7:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop