Dana's Birthday

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EDIT: FORA ( me ) made this, that stupid co's are some friends who gratzed my sister :D

I made this flash for my sister because it was her anniversary yesterday. I didn't made the deadline so it's one day to late :(. I worked 24 full hours on it.
Happy anniversary Dana, you are 12 years old already :D.

Edit: Because it is lock day today I made something for the locks to in the flash :P ( just really short )

I made this flash in clock style because she loves clocks :).
Strawberry clock = me
Yellow clock = my mum
My sister = the one who is watching and if ur not my sister, then screw you.



are u serious?

this is what got review of the week? checking all of the other comments, it's clear that u just had some friends give u a bunch of 10's just so u could try to get a rank or some notice to this crappy flash u made. horrible job and i have no clue whyu got this kind of rank. u must have done something pretty good for this high spot... haha!

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So I see

Uh, so the kitty krew consists of adept flash artists...but they make crappy stuff because they're lazy? Reassure me that it's not because they are trying to make random humor and laugh at reviews?

Well, compared to Brave Little Toaster Dressup, this one actually had some work put into it...but not a lot.

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while i was never a fan of the crew, i did like this. good job, but next time try just a smidgenn harder

Why did everyone give this a 10...?

Yeah, it was an alright flash, but it didn't really deserve tens from almost all the viewers so far. The graphics were alright, it had some good jokes in it, and sound, like all clock crew's works, was computerized and kind of funny, but it still wasn't THAT good.
Anyway, you probably could have done better. SB was drawn basically the same as always and the kitty krew cat actually looked like what it was supposed to, but there was a real lack of detail on things such as the guy. Style was just kind of blah... I've seen way too many clock crew movies to rate that high. Sound, as always, computerized. Violence was pretty much N/A, except for that part where he rolls down the hill. Interactivity N/A, Humor was alright, and Overall, it was an alright movie but I'd say not deserving of review crew pick. Oh, and why do you have a [kk] in front of the name if you're of the clock crew? 2/5

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It's blatantly obvious you just got a bunch of people to give you 10s. The graphics are terrible (the only detail is in StrawberryClock, and nothing else had any effort put into it at all). The style (making something dumb on purpose) has definitely been done done before. The "humor" is just some slow idiotic phrases, and although I didn't get to hear much of the sound, I decided to go ahead and give it a 0, too (seeing as the little ratings in a review don't matter in the Overall scheme anyway).

Try harder at making something DECENT. Put effort into the graphics (not just the foreground), and don't make everything DRAG so much. I didn't want to watch anywhere past the first 10 seconds.

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Fora responds:

You were wasting your time when you write that. Im not reading it anyways

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May 26, 2007
6:55 PM EDT
  • Review Crew Pick May 30, 2007