Dana's Birthday

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EDIT: FORA ( me ) made this, that stupid co's are some friends who gratzed my sister :D

I made this flash for my sister because it was her anniversary yesterday. I didn't made the deadline so it's one day to late :(. I worked 24 full hours on it.
Happy anniversary Dana, you are 12 years old already :D.

Edit: Because it is lock day today I made something for the locks to in the flash :P ( just really short )

I made this flash in clock style because she loves clocks :).
Strawberry clock = me
Yellow clock = my mum
My sister = the one who is watching and if ur not my sister, then screw you.



HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this!! it is funny when the ball dude said, "What thee hell." hahahahhahahah i love it!!


Sorry, but this didn't deserve review crew pick...I don't get how there are what, 8 of you, and you guys can't make something with good graphics, story and voices?

Look, I'm not a great flash artist, so instead I spend my time learning how to be a better one, not flooding the portal with entries like this...it was just too boring.

Sorry, just how I feel.

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Fora responds:

just because the [kk] are there, fat RACIST!

How much worse can a flash be?

Come on, people. You put minimal effort into this and then had your friends vouge for you and give countless 10's to somehow get review crew pick.

The sound was terrible and hard to understand from the computer voices. The animation was poorly done as well as the storyline and plot. The message of happy birthday is a nice message, but it sucks when you have to ruin it with a flash that had no effort put into it.

There were too many moments of scilence without any background music or diologue which was painful within itself.

Try harder and stop giving yourself fabricated scores. Getting 10's because you told people to is really sad.

Don't ever do that again.

Fora responds:

Whatever, I do what I want.
As long im not reviewing with alts its legal so fuck off, and go make good flashes by yourself


Maybe the last guy who reviewed this was ryt makng your whole legions of friends vote 5!(maybe thats y all crapy flash gets high ranks! damn cheats) crap that and whos the hell is he talking too??? but i cant do any better than that though

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are u serious?

this is what got review of the week? checking all of the other comments, it's clear that u just had some friends give u a bunch of 10's just so u could try to get a rank or some notice to this crappy flash u made. horrible job and i have no clue whyu got this kind of rank. u must have done something pretty good for this high spot... haha!

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May 26, 2007
6:55 PM EDT
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