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Kaiblade Official Trailer

rated 3.36 / 5 stars
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May 26, 2007 | 6:03 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I'm currently 14.I know there are alot of flaws in this and the ending its sudden.this animation is a preview on a animation im working on called kaiblade. I am also looking for voice actors for the series so if your intrested contact me at would like your ideas on how to make this better thank you



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


very fluid which i like. Work on your fight sequences a bit though, when trying to draw it out do the action yourself or sketch a stick figure doing it, that will make your poses look much better and less awkward. I really hope I can get on board this thing, it seems like a project i can really get excited about

KaiBlade responds:

Thanks for the review I know i have trouble with fight scenes and im working on it hopefully i can make decent ones when the real thing comes out


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good Job

You did me proud my friend sorry i couldn't give it the once over before the submission. You did a great job and im glad you didn't give up i know it took a long time but you did it. Good job wrapping it up it was a sudden ending but that's alright it's the trailer just to catch everyone's attention. the black and white part in the end you lost me in but i only watched once through. This is just the beginning though so now that you got your trailer out there you have to deliver. hey and next time gimme a little credit = P i know i didn't do much but i helped... when i wasn't playing video games, sleeping, cleaning, working, or drawing which take up 99% of my days. i'll promise to help more with the next project. (got my mic now)

To flash-reviewer who didn't like the anime style. Well im sorry i kind of pushed him in that direction mostly because i draw in an anime style and i help him out with character designs etc. This style though is all his own. Also eyes over the hair thing is done alot in some animes and also in the style he goes for.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


To begin with, well done for making a fluid flash. Although this is going to be a "tale of love, bravery and rivalry" (is that right) I still have no idea of what is going on, other than people running and fighting with glowing swords. In a trailer, unless the title is obvious (example being that AvP trailer where all we saw was predator's armour), the viewers won't really know what the subject matter is. This may affect how they view the trailer as well as their interest in the actualy full version.
As to the technical bits, the animation was alright, it was fluid with an interesting drawing style...apart from the fact that it was drawn like one of those shitty japanese cartoons where everyone has stupid long hair and massive eyes. I think that is the worst thing to happen. War seems a better development than this style of animation - although this inclusion of subjectivity negates everything I have said and will now say. It is up to you to acknowledge or ignore what I write. You have probably drawn most of the full version now in that style, but if it is not too late could you please change it? You may disagree (mind you, taking this flash into account, you most certainly do), but this style is for me a travesty, an overused hideous abomination. Not your flash, just the notion of such animative techniques.
On a lighter note, there were some instances where someone's eye was over their hair, which looked odd. The music was rather dire, reminded me of Pokemon (sorry :( ) or something similar. In such fast paced scenes it is best to use music with no vocals, to place emphasis on what is happening, while the music can obviously increase its effects or highlight the speed or chaos etc.
A good use of colour too, a vivid display which probably hints at the action and many characters, which, sadly seemed to look very similar. It was good in the ways that are not included in the points above, so well done, you'll get a protect point from me, please reply telling me what you think of the animation technique please. Thanks and I hope this has helped, it is meant as constructive and not personal,


Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty good!

u were right when u said it had a few flaws, but all works in progress do, so no sweat. could have had the animation flow a bit better, seemed a little sketchy, almost like they were moving under a strobelight. good drawing altogether though. fighting scenes need a bit of work, none of that "floating-in-a-perfectly-strai ght-line" crap, apply at least some physics, it wouldn't look realistic other wise. but still really good. keep working on it, it looks like its basically there, just with a couple finishing touches needed.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I liked it

make the movie and i'll definatly have to put it into my fav's well done the graphics are better then most peoples ive seen you have you own unique style (animeish) which i can dig. the ending was sudden but who cares what trailers ending doesnt leave you wanting more? overall 9

KaiBlade responds:

thanks, i'll try my best to get kaiblade ep 1 on newgrounds