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the big fight

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Author Comments

this is by far the best flash i have ever made under 4 minutes! glorious! dont give me any crap about how bad it is, you just need to open your eyes and understand the beauty of the fighting. the expression on the bad man's face...

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i agree with the last guy

im not going to say it but take more time with ure flash. 4 minites?! come on, practice, practice, practice. then u will have people liking your flash. but im not going to call u a retard. try to do better though. good luck

you fucking retard

how the fuck did this piece of shit get on the site?

plus, this is not a big fight. its a ball moving towards some guy then his head is replaced by some red lines.

GO FUCK OFF AND DIE!! and take this piece of crap with you!

Oh my fucking gawd.

This is the worst piece of crap ever. And, I saw you reply to a guy who gave you a zero, and say, vote 5 if you like napster or something like that. Such tactics are DISCOURAGED, it says right there when you submit your flash, and you can get banned because of it. And you said you didn't know how to convert FLA's to SWF's and if you needed a 3rd party program: no, all you do is "test movie" or "export." I've had way better submissions on Newgrounds that have lower scores than this. It's perplexing. Not only do you give stick figures a bad name, you make Newgrounds look like a cesspool of crappy cartoons. This was the worst Flash I've ever seen in my life. Usually I defend people around my own experience level, but anyone could, and should avoid, making this. I had a friend who made a much better cartoon after only 2 days of owning Flash. This type of shit souldn't even be on Newgrounds, it's just wasting space.

Wow.. this sucks.

Well I give it a .5 which is impossible because it made me get pissed while on RIDALIN...(for those of you who don't know what ridalin is it makes you calmed down and lets you focus and you cant get mad easily at all)


Only reason this gets a maximum of 1/10, is that it's so bad it made me laugh!
Two poorly drawn stick men, along with one ball thingy which is motion tweened at the other guys poorly-drawn head.
Which then turns into a load of red pen.
7K's of shitacularness.. not even looped!

Credits & Info

1.91 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2001
10:04 AM EST