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Arctic Showdown

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Dodge the aeroplanes, jump the iceburges! how long can u stay alive for?

This action packed flash, is filled with many things!

- dodging skills
- squeezing skills
- music
- high score table
- interactivity (duh!)

We hope every one enjoys this game as much as we did making it!

Enjoy, and be sure to check our the instructions befor playing!

Good luck! How long can you stay alive for?

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Fun wears off quickly...

I'd say give clearer instructions took me a couple of goes to work it out.
Yeah the game was ok. The fun wears off quickly and gets a bit boring. Graphics were ok though.

Little more than average.

Graphics: Decently smooth and appealing to look at. Not much in the way of variety though.

Style: Kinda simple, with a lack of complications. This is both a blessing and a curse. The simplicity makes it far too easy.

Sound: Good music, especially for the tiny filesize, but it gets repetitive. The other sounds were okay as well.

Violence: Cute and quirky crashes to get your attention, including a giant explosion. Limited variety, but still funny.

Interactivity: The controls were responsive, but the help guide was a little obtuse. It took me two tries before I realized you needed to click the whale to move the ship up.

Humor: I was smiling, that counts as humor, right?

Final thoughts: This is an impressively coded, extremely simple game that might be fun for a little while, but the challenge quickly wears off and leaves you with a lukewarm experience. Good, but only just.


It was ok, But theres no point if you know what i mean :P
Ps the highscores are broken.

It could be better...

First it was good, but then it became boring. Just same thing over and over again. Maybe add more objects to collect/dodge?

Good game, too repetitive.

Nice idea and graphics and all, but way too repetitive. It was just the same thing: wait till the aeroplane isn't overhead, then quickly click the whale untill you're over the iceburg, then repeat. Try making the game get gradually faster, or add new obstacles. 2.5/5