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==Added next level warning and safety zone==
Read on before playing.
Collect the colourful stars.
Shun the grey ones and STAY AWAY from the death stars.
Roll over the stars to collect them. Use the timer as a safety zone. Compete to get into the high score list. Read instructions for points guide.
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hated when it changed lvl's and my mouse ended up on a bad star. and yeah i know i could move it to the side, but there are some lvl's where you have to start off in a certain spot or you can' get anything.

Nice job

Well done. I like the game allot. Maybe some of the players have to be more conscienscious of the upcoming level change and they will be able to move their mouse off of the screen. I also like the addition of the level change warning.

Hehe cool game

It will not get blammed if its get blammed i gonna kill who blammed it !!! :) lol Great game anyways

gd gd

nice game really addictive, make more


i enjoyed your game concept never seen one liek it, it reminds me of bloons only that you have to pop them with your cursor the only problems i think is the cursor when you change the screen i accidently popped a death star which pissed me off i hope u find a way u can fix that and also its not very exiting after a while it feels repetive maybe you should add sumthing else in the mix but other then that i still think its a creative game and great effort in the game

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

May 25, 2007
1:00 PM EDT
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