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What if u didnt hav tech?

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um.. well i had to make this project for a uni assignment, i uploaded it here to share :)

The theme of this assignment was technology and how we rely on it.

Making this flash assignment is my way of emphasising on how much we as a society are really dependent on technology. We literally run our lives by them.


meh ok...

The first thing which struck me was how ironic it was that you've made a flash movie about what would happen if there was no technology. Flash is a quite complex technology.

Yeah basically everything in that would go because everything requires technology. That guys cloths wouldn't exist either, not that I want to see that but it's still something made with technology.

Reasonable, but...

You do realise that fires are still technology even if they are very simple. Also, I gave it a 5 because the graphics were fairly average along with the animation, and at the end of the day, what was your message/aim? That we rely on technology? The message I got was that technology is necessary for a good life and that it is also something which shouldn't run our lives...this seems a tad bit contradictory, and I see no point in you making this...it just seems too shallow...

Smart and decent

The graphics might have been simple but you gave it style and that's good. Also the music was a good pic by my oppinion. Of course there were some stuff I missed: a preloader for instance. I think this one had a message to it but I think it ended too fast, you could have made it a bit longer to conceive more of the message. I voted 3 on this one, hope you make more.

happygeegee responds:

thanks =) id prob work on more in a few weeks (exam period atm) and id prob put more effort in the future ones :)

Heh, not bad

Pretty good... I'm guessing its not your first, but if it is, great job. Kinda cheesy graphics, but at least you know how to turn cheese into art, if you get me. Music was a nice touch. Next time add a loader and a play button.


happygeegee responds:

hehe thanks, no your right it's not my first but im still pretty new to flash. thanks again.

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May 24, 2007
9:32 AM EDT
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