DailyMoons #01

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I want your soul. I will eat your soul. Come to daddy. Come to daddy. COME to daddy. COME TO DADDY. come TO DADDY. come TO daddy. COME TO DADDY. COMETODADDY!

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what happen!?!?

i am first for loving your number four, but then i got to number one and what do i see? but this travesty. truly, this is not for efforting. :[ i am gravely apology.

Not very good.

Well i couldnt hear what the moon was saying so i was lost during the whole thing, and the graphics could have been better.

Kind of stupid

yeah, graphics pretty much sucked, I couldn't understand what the moon was saying, and i did'nt get what you were trying to achieve here. The only entertainment I recieved was the chuckle while I was thinking, "what the hell was that"

what the hell was that

that was the weirdest thing i ever saw i couldnt even understand the moon thingy, and him squashing supposidly noobs, no offense but that sucked.


What is that song called and who is it by! I've been trying to find that song for years! I remember the video had an old woman finding a TV in an alley. The TV had some creepy Silent Hill guy saying the lyrics.