Three Little Pigs v2.0

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Author Comments

This was a flash I aimed at young children but is for anyone to enjoy. It is a animated comic format of the classic fairytale "The Three Little Pigs".

Changes from v1.0...
*New Preloader & Intro
*Edited information for children
*New scene added
*Extra Interaction added
*Fixed sound problem

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They loved it

My little brother and sister really liked it! Thank you!


Don't need to thank me, I should be thanking you for the feedback of the positive affect my animation had on people =)

very interesting :)

i really liked how it was in a comic set up and how the characters moved through the different scenes. I also thought it was pretty interesting how you put morals in a flash rather than going for funny or...random. All in all, good job, people can learn from this. Good job :)


Thanks for the review. It's always nice to hear the specific things that people were interested in as I can take the positives onboard for future animations. I have to admit that thinking of how the characters moved between the frames were probably the hilight of storyboarding this animation =)

Good one!!

At the beggining I didn't understand why the buttons, as the text was spoken, and I didn't liked it but it goes fine with the style and the extras.
Talking about the style: it is nice and different, both comic (I really liked it) and moral messages.
The second pig rocks... I mean: rolls. LOL


Well the speech I actually only decided to add a lot later on, but at the same time, I still think its good to have buttons so people can watch at their own pace. There is also hidden bits of interaction in the piece which give people more time to play about with it if they do happen to come across it. And yes, you are right, the second pid does rock 'n' roll, lol, sorry about the very bad joke. Thanks for the 10 =)

one thing though...

Any mention of EXERCISE is conspicously missing from this moral tale. If you are going to establish a model for kids to follow, it needs to be the scholar-athlete, not just a scholar.

Bad teeth is the least of your worries when it comes to sweets. Sweets = plent of energy (making you feel full) with very little nutritional value, leading to an array of major health issues later in life and even stunting one's growth.
Tell a kid "sweets rot your teeth" and they just reply "i brush my teeth, it's ok"

But otherwise I thought it was good. Please continue bringing these messages to children!


I guess the messages I gave do need a bit of work. I had actually reworked them once already to make it easier for kids but never gave much thought to the information I was giving because I mainly concentrated on delivering the story to kids. But I guess you're right and the information can be improved quite a bit

Long Time Since I Heard That Story

well done dude. very good to see a classic story revised into something more modern. I also thought the health and enviromental information was a nice touch, seeing as we never pay attention to wat we do or eat in our daily lives most of the time. so yea all in all....a very good storybook-based flash, that was informative and fun to watch/read. keep it up man! if u bring back other classic stories, then uve got a fan right here :)


Thanks for the nice review. Yeah, it is nice to see things from the past brought back to us, nostalgia is great. But yep, if this does well then I will definately want to rework another old tale =)

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4.33 / 5.00

May 22, 2007
12:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 4th Place May 23, 2007