[PP]The First Chip Collab

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[PP]The First Chip Collab - This is our first collab and we love u all cos we are poker chips and mix wiv da gangstas :PS lawl


What was the point of this?

There was something about this movie that really clicked with me, NOTHING HAPPENED... AT ALL. Some circles moved around and smoked. Then some of them fell on the ground. And the other one was a dot on the screen that moved around. Try and add a plot or storyline.

overall 5 cause i liked it....

Well, not too much animation in there, and not all of it was good, but still, its ok i guess. welcome to ng mate.

Welcome to newgrounds ^_^

And you should open it to all chips... even potatao chips {Im serious you need varity... like the locks have communist lock,coke lock, and alot of others] Well I gave you a five and your one of the few reviews iv given{Hard to impress} ^_^" Welcome to newgrounds Chips.

Well now.

I agree with the last review for this I read. You really should spend more time on the animations themselves rather than the intro. The intro was actually pretty cool! The animations themselves were boring, it could have EASILY been twice as good if there was sound during each of your clips. Anyway, looks like the start of a decent crew, so blow us out of the water. 2/5

this was ok

you should spend more time on the actual flashes than the intro. Where is the green chip and the blue chip? anyway just work longer on the stuff.

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2.36 / 5.00

May 21, 2007
5:34 PM EDT