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Azul Baronis

rated 4.24 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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May 21, 2007 | 8:44 AM EDT

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Author Comments

A few people have been getting confused, but the afterburner only works when the yellow bar is charged, and it drops to zero if you shoot or get shot (to avoid ruining the 4th point in the list below)
Also, if you want to start in a destroyer, press 'End' to self-destruct in your fighter.

Okay, so the initial game concept was basically like this:

- Huge space battles (with several distinct forces)
- Intelligent AI
- Allied ships
- Giving the player no significant advantage other than their playing skill

As far as we’re concerned we accomplished all of that, and in doing so we’ve made something that feels quite unique to play. Now we’re just hoping that you folks agree =]

And to any webhosts who read this, you are all welcome to host this game on your sites, so long as you dont attempt to claim ownership of the game or change it in any way, and you make sure that you display it correctly x.x (500x500).



Rated 5 / 5 stars

how to make the game better

this game would be so much better if there was an online play and if you could use the turtle thing

AndrewMartin responds:

Heh, everyone says that x.x

Unfortunately there's a big problem with both suggestions. Online play is just technically impossible in flash with this many ships. And a human player flying the Testudon would pretty much be completely unstoppable =/

Both would be great if i could figure out how to make them work though, of course...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nothing like a nice cup o' painful fiery death. =D

On an opening note, I loved this game, voted 5, and feel it deserves a lot more than the daily 3rd it got.

Graphics: The graphics were somewhat impressive, even playing on low quality, though I think the HUD could use some upgrading, for a more cockpit-like feel. The explosions were sweet and satisfying.

Style: Completely innovative, I've never seen a game like this before, and it really adds a feeling of depth when you're a single cog in the war machine, rather than a super-powered mega soldier, like in most games. The game was still awesome no matter how many times I died. On that note, difficulty settings might be nice.

I also loved the comm chatter, it was useful during battles for coordinated attacks and keeping tabs on enemy cruisers, and gave something of a personality to your faceless minions.

Sound: Nice to see some exellent tracks off the Audio Portal, this is definitely one of the high points of the game. The explosions were somewhat soft, though. Also, perhaps add voice acting to the comm chatter?

Violence: Painful fiery death. =D

Interactivity: The controls were simple, and rarely felt cumbersome, exept when trying to navigate behind enemy fighters (Damn evesive maneuvers. >_>). Options to strafe and loop might be nice, though.

Humor: Quadrape, my Alphas bragging about their kill counts, and the mad adrenilene rush you get from destroying enemy testudons/stations had me cackling throught the play session.

Overall: And exellent and innovative game, deserves a solid 5/5.

Suggestions for Azul Baronis II:

- Improved Comm Channel: I loved this feature, but it got a little repetative after awhile, and was limited in use. Please add more phrases/ utility to the comm, and maybe voice acting.

- Improved maneuverability: Options for evasive maneuverability, like rolling, strafing, and looping.

- Squad/Field commands: While it's awesome to be a part of the huge fleet-to-fleet battles, I /am/ the Dictator, and would like to be able to control the actions of my fleet, at least to some extent. Options include, but are not limited to:

-- Follow me
-- Hold back
-- Defend the cruisers
-- Flank the enemy
-- Attack enemy fighters/cruisers

- Ship/fleet customization / more ship classes: Self explanitory. =)

-Difficulty Settings: The game was a tad bit hard, while the forces were generally even, if the enemy had one more destroyer or tesudon, they could easily rape your fleet. This was only worsened by having no control over your allies.


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Utterly fantastic

I agree with Final-Destination! The battlefrields and such were truly top notch. Something of this quality could really be the next "Alien Hominid", you know?

Marvelous job! Do try and make a sequel!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Game

Graphics - Simple but Effective full score for this
Sytle - A unoriginal idea of fleet versus fleet yet the style you choose makes it unique full score again
Sound - Your able to choose if you want sounds or music again full score
Violence - blowing things up but it isnt exaggerated enough to be super violent
Interactivity - Was pretty good but you can still add more options and ships
Humor - Not rated high or low but it did make me laugh when you get over 14+ kills and i laughed when i got my 18th kill

Holy freaking Hell o.O Great game indeed this is going to be a great timewaster for me for a long time. I hope there will be a sequel to this type of game with different modes (storyline mode, skirmish mode Etc) Ill be looking forward to any other submissions you make too.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Commands would be nice.

For example, you could order your group to stick together, and not get separated right at the beginning. In multiple team battles, the other three teams tend to gang up on you. Eventually, one team becomes dominant, yet you are still their primary target. Make it so that multi team battles have them targeting the foe wtih the greatest firepower.

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