Jumpstyle 2

May 20, 2007 –
August 5, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Two weeks after the first Jumpstyle, the second episode is done. Enjoy. Don't forget to underrate. Thanks, a job well done!


im a shuffler...and ever since i started shuffling 4 yrs ago, i hated jumpstyle...now...heh i do it one in a while

this is dutch. how do i know it? because i live in holland :D

timing was cool!
huh? no award?it can't be!

Tracks in this movie :O?

when comes the Jumpstyle 3?

Being a jumper myself, this is awesome. NG - needs more Jumpstyle.


Yo dude i love jumpstyle u shoud do a shuffle and a hard jump as well. im a jumper myself. im on Youtube. Look up [Unitedhardstylists] [NS1] GJ BRO!

Overkill!!!!! Awesome flash!

i love it, the animation is brilliant and doesent rly have a plot but WHO CARES!? its a great vid and i luv it 10/10 and when is Jumpstyle 3 comin out coz i wanna see it!

Hardcore was first made in Holland, till some DJ from in belgium decided to slow it down and make another dance, so Jumpstyle is born, (in belgium). after that some DJ who tried to mix Hardcore 'nd Jumpstyle made Hardstyle, I love them all... Just like your movies, MAKE A NUMBER 3!!! 'nd if possible a 4 one... lolz,


Hardstyle kicks jumpstyle's nuts hard....


ok where did u get that sound when hater was remembering he punched sektorz (you)??? ive been looking for that

...Jumpstyle sucks ass.
love the animation, well done, but why do you have to name it jumpstyle? only 1 scene has jumpers(fagz) in it, so wtf?

nice movie anyway

pretty great episode. watched it yesterday night. but forgot to review it. in the end at the fightings i think the movie got to fast.. your stick style really impress me!

awsum man hey um the guy with a bat looked sorta like Crazy Jay

i never actually taught there would be a flash video of it and that impresses me greatly tosay the truth ^^'

So yep great animation quite fluid but still buggy at some places like when theres too much animation haha :D

Truth to be told theres something that sucks greatly...since the naimation yes is suppose to reveal the moves...theres another point important and its the music

on ur 1st animation : Bomb drop...i cant find it and i cant wait to take it...the bass is SO LOUD I LOVE IT xD and as well as the anthem...its buggy it always goes to
twisted melody instead so i cant dowload it >.<

on the secound one: god i love ur expression when u hear the music xD with Twisty jus beside u i jus love it xD but i really cant find the tunes...its really hard and i tried with google and even utorrent to try and find them :/

anyhow does were awesome animations really and the music choise is jus plain cool =)

A loving fan of Jumpstyle in the corner of ur house: ~Shadowrew

Jumpstyle is my life!! Hell, this is a good movie! We gotta show the world what jumpstyle means! ( We don't have to jump only in Holland, Belguim etc.) Great work!

Jumpstyle is de shit! en dit filpje is gewoon goed en het help een beetje om jumpstyle wat bekender te maken.

Jumpstyle is the shit! and this flash is just good and helps jumpstyle te be known allover the world!

Hell yeah, nice one. I thought you were dutch, srry. I figured he knows jumpstyle so he's dutch. It looked a lot like like bassleader btw. my personal opinion though. keep it up.


keep em coming!!

That's sick, man!

That was an alright flash, didn't know there were actually people out there that actually liked jumpstyle, though... But yeah, good effort.

hell yeah, thats tha shit rite there, and u put sum harder music, and u had more variety, 10/10,

+ u had sum of my favorite tracks in that shit so if i could, i would give u 11.

Keep making these, this the illest shit on all of newgrounds!!!

This is going to my fav lists for sure.Awsome movie dude! :D

that was great the graphics were awsome and the music was great i hope that there is another one of these movies comming out soon great good


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