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Traffic - The Cartoon

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It's about cars and people...

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it was alright, but it wasn't a game though.
the traffic flying all over the place almost looks like rush hour traffic over here.

not excellent

maybe you should've mayb i dunno, mayb not let cars fly and drive upside down? oh yah, the airplane.. weird

o well, other than that, the cartoons expressiosn were funny

sort of


wait... why the hell was this labeled as "game"...????! that was.. like.. not a game.. all it was...was plainly a stupid movie.. about a weird lookin white dude crossin a street.. then the popo ticketin him....-coughdumbcough- lol that.. SUCKED....seriously

Not bad.

Good sound. Decent animation. Humourous. I like it.
Didn't quite understand what the main character turned into when he started to cross the street tho.


once again do0d... you have brightened up my day.. yeah the cars flyin past like that was fucken awsome LMAO!! keep em commin man you RAWK!!