Captain Corn Smash Vol.3

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What happens when we are given five million dollars from an anonymous source with no restrictions on how to use the money? Why, make a Captain Corn Smash movie of course. What else would we do with it? With that kind of money, we got the likes of Jack Nicholson, MF Doom, Jimmy LaFontaine, Wayne Coyne, and more to be in our movie but now the big question is who’s all going to be in Vol.4?


next time...

scribble, don't draw, it fits your name better

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Scribbler responds:



I've read all of these quotes on bash.org. They were funny the first time, but they were sorta lame this time. The graphics were drawn well, but the animation was sorta annoying.

Scribbler responds:

You can't always please the devil.


It's not original though, every single thing they said on there is from the Quote Database, so they aren't funny at all. Just imposters.

Scribbler responds:

I like variety.


Yo thats sum funny ass shit:

I tried to set my password to penis, and it said my password wasn't long enough...

this it HBO quality shit rite here. If i had money i would actually pay to see this, and i'm a cheap bastard...

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Scribbler responds:

Maybe you "will" have to pay money to see this in the near future... Hahahaha! Think of this as a free sneak peak. Captain Cornsmash loves you djstaz0ne and would like you to know that he condones of anything you do. Thanks for the review.

Odd? but original

i like it but it could be better. try touching up the graphics and maby making more sense

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Scribbler responds:

Maybe you don't make sense... Ever think of that? No, but seriously, I appreciate the review and I'll consider touching up the graphics and such. I'll have to start whipping the Milburn brothers so they work harder, damn slackers!

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3.74 / 5.00

May 20, 2007
1:29 AM EDT
Comedy - Original