Turnabout Sheezy

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Take a handfull of sheezy art people, mix them with phoenix wright, and this is what happens.

Make sure to click the next (arrow button) to move to the next frame. Don't click it to fast though or the flash might freeze. I did it this way so everyone can read it at his/her own speed. Some moments play on it's own though.

This started as a one man animation but eventually ended up in a collaboration with Limsanity and a bit of help from Sharpy.

It's nothing special really, just some fun between some friends. Hope you like it, and if you don't, oh well XD


Good Idea but...

Some sound timign erros gave stuff away...

Several tiem during my tiem playing it, I hear the "O" of poeple's objections long before thye said it.

Anyway, good...

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Good, but needs work

This was a good flash but you need to work out some of the bugs. After some time it just freezes so I have to play it all over again.

Lost me...

...as soon as you misspelled APARTMENT. But i'm sure there are plenty of other folk out there who will like it. Listen,..no offense but,..what type of folk are you catering to with the misspellings. Later 3/5

forgetreality responds:

Well I'm from belgium so my english isn't completely perfect.

Another reason is because I've ran into several problems and just wanted to finish already. >.>



too buggy...

Next time when you make a flash like this, make sure the button for the next piece of text goes to a prespecified frame. Using the nextframe actionscript is annoying, especially since you didnt take into account that after some conversations an animation was about to start, resulting in the user to need to press a ludicrous amount of times to either continue or see the animation frame by frame (which didnt exactly help the overall quality of the animation). Next time, before you submit something, make sure all of the bugs or annoying things are gone, so that people will spend more attention to the story and animation, instead of being irritated over small things like the next button.

As for me, I lost interest half way, after the animation just broke down in the middle once, and afterwards I had to keep pressing the button to see the animation frame by frame. Therefore, even though the art is nice, I didnt pay attention to the story.

As for sound, well, I liked the soundtrack of Phoenix Wright, so I guess this one is okay as well. For graphics, everything seems okay. No distinctive style, but still good enough to notice. For the rest; just make sure you remove the bugs in the next animation, and it will be received a whole lot better.

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forgetreality responds:

Thanks, actually one of the few comments that includes good criticism =)

Sadly actionscript isn't my strong point, but I'll do my best in future flashes.

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3.63 / 5.00

May 18, 2007
6:00 PM EDT
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