Stalingrad 1942

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Flash based on the battle of Stalingrad in the year 1942. This took me 3-4 weeks to complete. Mostly FBF, but some tweening is used too. Movie info is in the end of the movie, after credits. Leave a review, I will read them and respond to ones with constructive toughts. Constructive critism is appreciated.


Very Black Comedy

Wow, this is a neat way to portray the war in Stalingrad - sort of like Enemy at the Gates, but without Jude Law's awful acting.

I loved this piece, but it was a little too light on the blood and gore - flashing a red circle up on screen doesn't work for me in showing bloodshed. The corpses which fall to the floor look just the same as when they were alive, so maybe do something about that. Making it suitable for teens is alright, but if you add a little more violence, it's still not going to be as nasty as Madness or Bunnykill.

I'm just after a spot of realism, that's all. We don't want the kids thinking that war's great, because it isn't

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Sgt-Mac responds:

I agree with you. This actually started with no blood, and with animation already done, adding bullet wounds would've been pain in the ass.
And by the way, Enemy at the Gates is a great movie.

0 for sound becose i didnt put sound on

i liked it but maybe put arms or put X on eyes of dead soldiers, u could put bullet holes in dead bodys. i really like it and graphics were good even on crappy school computer(pentium 3). maybe my englisg suck cuz am french canadian.oh and make more i like WW2 movies!


i love this

I liked it but it was short.

Good Job, but next time try to make something a little longer, was over way too quick. I wasnt too sure if you were going for a funny or sad mood in this movie, the music and the people clashed.

Sgt-Mac responds:

I was going for a ironic mood, and tried to make a bit of contrast with the music choise.

good work!

the only problems were no bullet holes and also... sort of stiff animation to the characters. the only thing that moved was their arms... their legs didnt really move and when they died there eyes stayed open. other then that... everything was perfect.

Sgt-Mac responds:

Charaters didn't really have enough leg to animate, so I just made them hopping around. For the eye-thing, most soldiers die with their eyes open.

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May 17, 2007
9:09 AM EDT
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