Cell V.S Brolly

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Ahhhh finally gotten into a collection. Thanks Everyone and thanks Tom
This movie Requires Flash 8
Ever thought of 2 great powers in a struggle to become the greatest? Well then here it is, Cell V.S Brolly!
Who will win this Epic struggle?

Here are some questions I have Recieved for my best Flash going yet : Cell V.s Brolly.

Q:) You have alot of DBZ Sound effects etc, where can i get them ?
A:) Well for Brolly and Cell's screaming clips for when they charge i ripped by myself.
The sound effects.... i got from various sites AGES ago and about 5 sound clips from Alvin-Earthworm.

Q:) The Bruce Faulconer themes you used in this flash, where can i get them ?
A:) I got them from the Bruce Faulconer Albums. To get them you can either go out and buy
them ..... i think you can only get in America though so.... however you can download
them from various downloading software such as : Limewire, Imesh etc.

Q:) Can you help me make a DBZ Battle ?
A:) I could..... however I'm not going to. No im not being a twat for not helping.....
my reasons are here:
1, If im not working on my own flash im not gonna be helping others ...... ill be out or
on a game etc.
2. I need to keep all the ideas for myself really.

Q:) Can you send me all of the stuff you used for your movie ?
A:) No chance. I already have had some one steal a previous movie from Newgrounds and it
even passed onto it >.< and newgrounds has still done nothing >(. For the sprites and
backgrounds etc i suggest just looking on www.Google.com and others.

Q:) Will you be making another DBZ flash soon ?
A:) Im not sure...... in time i shall make another DBZ flash .... maybe a full length 1
... just like a real episode.

Q:) How long does it take you to make flash such as this 1 ?
A:) Well depends on my mood. If im really in the Flash making mood i can work on it for
a long while and then i make more of it so it gets finished sooner

Q:) Would you ever Take requests for battles ?
A:) Sure i will but as long as i have the sprite sheets.

Q:) Who do you really think would win out of these 2?
A:) In my opinion Cell.....due to the level of super saiyan he lost to.....

Q:) DBZ is GAY why make a pointless animation?
A:) Tis gay to you cause you've lost the childhood you once had and loved the show.
Now your old and have lost the kid in you....Kudos to your elderly life.


Great Animation

However, Broly's energy would not have been able to hold back that barrage from Cell (For proof, see "Broly: Second Coming"). Second, when Broly was busy with the Cell Jrs., why didn't Cell teleport behind him and Super Kamehameha Broly straight to the Sun? (See aforementioned source)

S-E5000 responds:

Thanks for watching.
But for my points:
1) I know that the power levels of the 2 characters aren't on the same level but in DBZ almost anything is possible. Besides these 2 seemed close enough on the power levels compared to others. For example if I paired either of them off against Buu they would get annihilated.

2) That is a good point but, during the whole Cell saga I portrayed Cell as a cocky son of a bitch. So just like the episode where he stood and watched everyone get their ass kicked I did that here. I mean Cell could of possibly downed Gohan there and then.

Broly Pwns

I loved the flash of how Broly would have pwnd Cell. On the other hand, it wasn't a fair fight seeing how Broly's a LSSJ. He needs a harder opponent. The flash should have had someone like Janemba who fights dirty by defying reality, or even Omega Shenron. At the end of the day, it's the person who is born physically stronger that wins, especially in real life. Other than that, Broly winning was a no brainer.

S-E5000 responds:

Im gonna pit him up against Kid buu next time XD ... hows that for a challenge :P

Pretty awesome

Kinda ended a bit too early, but still action packed and amazing :) Enjoyed! Great job

S-E5000 responds:

Heh eh .... yeah ending things aint my strong point lol. I could of gone on and on up to say ... 20mins but I got kinda anxious to send it in so i summed it up to a good-ish ending and there you go lol.
Thanks for the review and im glad you liked it


Nice job!

S-E5000 responds:

Ty !


altho i used to love DBZ when i was 5 and now i think


i still say ur anamation is kinda amazing and u must have spended alot of time on it.......... our opinions can differ......but i cannot deniy ur work wich took u along time....

dude..this was amazing....keep it up man..and surprise me even more....

S-E5000 responds:

O....k not really sure what you were whatching back then but ah well.,,,,, tv is tv right.

" i still say ur anamation is kinda amazing and u must have spended alot of time on it.......... our opinions can differ......but i cannot deniy ur work wich took u along time...." -
' Yeah i did spend a long time on it ....many days of botrdom and this is what i came up with
' The opinions....To be fully honest a Choose Your Winner didnt cross my mind at the time so i just gave the cooler/better known character the victory....so sorry to all the cell fans

" dude..this was amazing....keep it up man..and surprise me even more...."
- Thanks ... glad you enjoyed.... i plan to keep it up ... and the project im working on now is even suprised myself lol.

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May 17, 2007
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