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Cell V.S Brolly

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Ahhhh finally gotten into a collection. Thanks Everyone and thanks Tom
This movie Requires Flash 8
Ever thought of 2 great powers in a struggle to become the greatest? Well then here it is, Cell V.S Brolly!
Who will win this Epic struggle?

Here are some questions I have Recieved for my best Flash going yet : Cell V.s Brolly.

Q:) You have alot of DBZ Sound effects etc, where can i get them ?
A:) Well for Brolly and Cell's screaming clips for when they charge i ripped by myself.
The sound effects.... i got from various sites AGES ago and about 5 sound clips from Alvin-Earthworm.

Q:) The Bruce Faulconer themes you used in this flash, where can i get them ?
A:) I got them from the Bruce Faulconer Albums. To get them you can either go out and buy
them ..... i think you can only get in America though so.... however you can download
them from various downloading software such as : Limewire, Imesh etc.

Q:) Can you help me make a DBZ Battle ?
A:) I could..... however I'm not going to. No im not being a twat for not helping.....
my reasons are here:
1, If im not working on my own flash im not gonna be helping others ...... ill be out or
on a game etc.
2. I need to keep all the ideas for myself really.

Q:) Can you send me all of the stuff you used for your movie ?
A:) No chance. I already have had some one steal a previous movie from Newgrounds and it
even passed onto it >.< and newgrounds has still done nothing >(. For the sprites and
backgrounds etc i suggest just looking on www.Google.com and others.

Q:) Will you be making another DBZ flash soon ?
A:) Im not sure...... in time i shall make another DBZ flash .... maybe a full length 1
... just like a real episode.

Q:) How long does it take you to make flash such as this 1 ?
A:) Well depends on my mood. If im really in the Flash making mood i can work on it for
a long while and then i make more of it so it gets finished sooner

Q:) Would you ever Take requests for battles ?
A:) Sure i will but as long as i have the sprite sheets.

Q:) Who do you really think would win out of these 2?
A:) In my opinion Cell.....due to the level of super saiyan he lost to.....

Q:) DBZ is GAY why make a pointless animation?
A:) Tis gay to you cause you've lost the childhood you once had and loved the show.
Now your old and have lost the kid in you....Kudos to your elderly life.



I always like when I can see a good DBZ, sprites or not.

You did a good job on the fight, maybe a bit too short, but good, so whatever xD

I'm not a huge fan of Bruce Faulconer music, but the few one you used were perfect for these scenes.

You get my 5/5.

S-E5000 responds:

Much appreciated man,
Yeah the Bruce Faulconer music is hard to use for specific things as the songs change due to the setting in the actual show. That's why when talking shows up I stopped the music as it goes into more peaceful or annoying stuff.

All in all though I'm glad you enjoyed and took the time to watch it.


Hey that was great you have inspired me to go make one for my self ...... where do you get your Game Sprites cause the ones i get always have something missing in them andd so i was wondering is you can send me a link on where to get all the DBZ super Butoden 2 and 3 sprites also on where to get flash...........

Ps: is flash a system for animation or just a normal system for work.....

S-E5000 responds:

To be honest I dont really remember....I just Google them.
You can get flash off the official website or off newgrounds (somewhere)

Uhhhh....I guess animations lol

Thanks alot for the review...glad to see I inspire someone lol

It works, sort of.

Don't get me wrong, it was well made, very well made, but it was sort of an unrealistic situation... if indeed Broly were to fight Cell, Cell would really be unable to put up any resistance, this was overall a good video, but in the future, use something more like Super Ssj 3 or something to that effect, even so, good job this might be one of the best made flashes I have seen.

S-E5000 responds:

Hmmm....isn't your suggestion unrealistic?
Think about it this way:
Broly took on 3 Super Saiyans and a Namek.....but in the end got a shot to the gut ending him with just the Super Saiyan 1 level.
Cell took blasts from Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Piccolo....A Big Bang attack from SS2 Vegeta and still holding his own to SS2 Gohan....

To me they sorta seem to be on an equal playing field
Besides I didnt wanna add Saiyans cause it's not really that entertaining.....it's all been done. Here is 2 kick ass enemies dukeing it out to see who's number 1

But thatnks for your comment and for the praise ^^


cell lost broli vins

S-E5000 responds:


good fight but

i liked the battle but it didn't felt like a dbz fight scene because it felt rather slow and in the anime the fights where fast and cutting edge and also the explosion just "boom" instead of "KABOOM!" like in the anime and i know you herd this at least 70 times in the past 2 years but ill say it agian to haunt (cause im angry and evil) you should have put the choose your winner section i honestly thought cell would pull out a trick up his sleeve and win this thing because he's cheating bastard so to end my review make it a we bit faster and the explosions need to be a bit bigger and have a chosse a winner section so next time in the future you don't piss anymore people off thanks for reading

S-E5000 responds:

During the fast epis fights in the anime most of the time you couldn't see the chars....just effects....I think I did that well at the beginning if im honest....
As for the explosions.....ah well lol

I dont think I pissed anyone off by not adding the choose your winner....but yeah I regret not having 1....

Thanks for your comment.

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4.12 / 5.00

May 17, 2007
7:02 AM EDT