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Cell V.S Brolly

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Ahhhh finally gotten into a collection. Thanks Everyone and thanks Tom
This movie Requires Flash 8
Ever thought of 2 great powers in a struggle to become the greatest? Well then here it is, Cell V.S Brolly!
Who will win this Epic struggle?

Here are some questions I have Recieved for my best Flash going yet : Cell V.s Brolly.

Q:) You have alot of DBZ Sound effects etc, where can i get them ?
A:) Well for Brolly and Cell's screaming clips for when they charge i ripped by myself.
The sound effects.... i got from various sites AGES ago and about 5 sound clips from Alvin-Earthworm.

Q:) The Bruce Faulconer themes you used in this flash, where can i get them ?
A:) I got them from the Bruce Faulconer Albums. To get them you can either go out and buy
them ..... i think you can only get in America though so.... however you can download
them from various downloading software such as : Limewire, Imesh etc.

Q:) Can you help me make a DBZ Battle ?
A:) I could..... however I'm not going to. No im not being a twat for not helping.....
my reasons are here:
1, If im not working on my own flash im not gonna be helping others ...... ill be out or
on a game etc.
2. I need to keep all the ideas for myself really.

Q:) Can you send me all of the stuff you used for your movie ?
A:) No chance. I already have had some one steal a previous movie from Newgrounds and it
even passed onto it >.< and newgrounds has still done nothing >(. For the sprites and
backgrounds etc i suggest just looking on www.Google.com and others.

Q:) Will you be making another DBZ flash soon ?
A:) Im not sure...... in time i shall make another DBZ flash .... maybe a full length 1
... just like a real episode.

Q:) How long does it take you to make flash such as this 1 ?
A:) Well depends on my mood. If im really in the Flash making mood i can work on it for
a long while and then i make more of it so it gets finished sooner

Q:) Would you ever Take requests for battles ?
A:) Sure i will but as long as i have the sprite sheets.

Q:) Who do you really think would win out of these 2?
A:) In my opinion Cell.....due to the level of super saiyan he lost to.....

Q:) DBZ is GAY why make a pointless animation?
A:) Tis gay to you cause you've lost the childhood you once had and loved the show.
Now your old and have lost the kid in you....Kudos to your elderly life.


no offence but

cell wouldnt even hurt brolly when he hit him you know like in the anime, how nothing bothers brolly. But still it was a cool movie i liked it :D

S-E5000 responds:

Yeah i know however ....... if i made brolly untouchable ... what would be the point in this flash ?


It was pretty good. But the ending was...crap. But as i read from the previous reviews you rushed it, so you could techically do something way better. I'll be checking out your other work. This was pretty good.

BTW, where's you get the dbz sound FX, the ones when they shoot the kamehameha without voiceclips?

S-E5000 responds:

Yeah i did rush it ...... and thanks for the review

im not sure where i got them ... i don't think the ite is still there .... but some where recorded by me


Could be better...the music could continue while the text pause is up. The explosions were very metal slug.

Over all good.

S-E5000 responds:

lol thanks ...... im glad you liked it and thanks for the review

Great! but could've ended better...

It was a great flash but, the ending needed work.

S-E5000 responds:

Yeah i kinda rushed it cause i was getting bored of it


i love sonic and dbz and i think this is great, can u make a Goku Vs. Broly?
by the way , u are a great flash maker, keep this stuff up!

S-E5000 responds:

Sure ok ... I will make a Goku V.S Brolly
heh eh thanks for you comment on my flash skills ^^.
I will try to get Goku V.S Brolly in ASAP
Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you liked it ^^
*Keep an eye on the portal for Goku V.S Brolly*

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4.12 / 5.00

May 17, 2007
7:02 AM EDT