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Harry Pothead-LP Edition

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Harry Pothead and the Magical Herb. Look for more films at LosPrimos.com

For the people who are voting 0. Because you think I'm a poser, I have decided to post my work on here and I have to put up with you thinking I'm some king of poser. Now please stop sending me hatemail Kay?


good idea

pretty funny, but not hillarious, i'll give ya a 7


the idea of kids on drugs aint funny but the parent
"the whole family has turned in to one great big pothead"

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What on earth???

That was creepy! Little children smoking like total potheads. This should represent potsmoking among children not the Harry Potter craze.

reckless portrayal of drugs and gluttuny

I have to confess, I never thought I could find anything that portrayed ganja in a good light opposible, but I am wrong. First off I have nothing against Ganja as said. But what I saw in that video was two minors both probably under the age of 10 undertaking the use of Cannabis. And not only that but the mother knowing about it (she caught the girl) and doing little to stop it, in fact she supported it. Also the way you portrayed Gluttony in such a reckless fashion. Even I don't eat near that much or fast when I have the munchies from...well you know. It's one things to support Cannabis, but to promote it and portray its use by those who are probably too young to cope with the experience is just deadly. What if a small kid sees this and decides "Hey that sounds fun, I might try it." Even at 6 foot tall, 210 pounds, and 18 I've had bad trips. Imagine what would happen to a kid so young who decided to try some cause they saw this video. I'm just trying to say, be careful about what you make, cause you never know who will see it and what kind of influence it might have on them.


Better than The the real Harry Pothead. Witch btw SUCKED.

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4.38 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2001
7:36 PM EST
Comedy - Parody