Harry Pothead-LP Edition

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Harry Pothead and the Magical Herb. Look for more films at LosPrimos.com

For the people who are voting 0. Because you think I'm a poser, I have decided to post my work on here and I have to put up with you thinking I'm some king of poser. Now please stop sending me hatemail Kay?


very funny!

omg! i love this one! it is hilarious. weed and childrens books- what a perfect combo.... if only i had a book like that.

that was interesting

well these guys are making a point harry potter just like pokemon is a bullshit they brainwash kids to make them buy stuff i think thats what the authors ment good one funny too

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Very good!

Awesome awesome graphics, animation and and story!
The way the kids ate was the funniest, especially their animation!
Hillarious movie, the sounds were so good!
I wish i could have good sounds for flash movies..

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I loved the way you drew your own shit.

Funny, cute, morally wrong - LOL!

Parodies can be just gold if they are done well, and this one had me laughing for a while! It was very entertaining and amusing WITHOUT resorting to violence or lewdness. This spoof should appeal to both Harry Potter fans AND foes. Anybody who believes that it condones pot smoking is probably taking the matter too seriously - or on pot themselves!

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4.38 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2001
7:36 PM EST
Comedy - Parody