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PvPE: The Movie Pt. 1

rated 3.13 / 5 stars
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May 16, 2007 | 10:17 PM EDT

Author Comments

One day a pickle and a potato were having a normal day in their magical land of white background and all of a sudden a Giant yeti appears and tells them that there is a problem in the forest. Since they had never experienced a background before, they had no idea what a forest was. They end up in a CRAZY world filled with backgrounds and evil teachers. We originally created this for the school talent show, but... for some unknown reason they changed their minds the day before the talent show... so here it is, for you all to enjoy! PART ONE

COMING SOON: Pickle vs. Potato EXTREME the Movie part TWO!!!



Rated 5 / 5 stars



PS: All the teachers voices were awesome...


FB-Studios responds:

Shut up, Zach...

Oh wait, that's me!!!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I had a teacher just like that notes guy. The cartoon was by far one of the most random things I have ever seen...and I liked it. Make more

the end

FB-Studios responds:

I think every school has one of those kind of teachers. =P


Rated 3 / 5 stars

haha pretty funny

gotta say that script got pretty good part way through. Overall, the only reason i enjoyed this was for the script. the animation... was just totally lazy. In fact, it was just drawings being moved around. the animation consisted of mouths, and in the yeti's case, eyes. but as for the script, the two parts i enjoyed were the "meeting" scene (with no chalk), and the credits. Otherwise, the script was pretty boring. and btw, if i ever, EVER, see ONE MORE parody of that kill bill "alarm" thing, i will quite honestly go find the person responsible and pull a Milton. and im sure you know what that means, being the office space fans you are. and the credits, it was funny cuz just at the point where i looked at "credits" on the screen and started to wonder "does this really qualify as credits anymore?", it changed to "credits?", and that made me laugh. the rest of the credits were funny too, just cuz you guys are kinda ridiculous (in a good way). so overall, bad animation, good scripting sometimes, no great achievement, but the drawings were nice, and with some more effort and continuingly funny script, this could get pretty good. keep it up.

FB-Studios responds:

Thank you for actually taking the time to post a real review. We don't get that much actual constructive criticism, just "lol, funny" or "wtf taht waz gai" as for the animation quality, we had time constraints... or at least we did until they changed their minds on us! we showed it to most of the school anyways, by ways of planting dvds at proper teachers' rooms and letting them show it on their projectors (most of the classrooms have fancy-pants projectors, which makes it easier) and putting it up on the school net ...this is getting kinda off topic... damnit, I did it again!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

10!!!!! no wait....7!!!!!

its absolute nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!

FB-Studios responds:

well duh. of course you love it. =P