Captain R: Game Ranger 2a

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ATTENTION: As soon as the scene with Ron landing in the forest is over, vote and go watch part B! *explained below*

This session is Part 2 to the series and expands on the story. Understand that before you review!

After running away from an army of evil minions, Ron Keen uses a Mushroom Kingdom pipe in order to escape.

What new horrors will he face next? Who is friend and who is foe in these gaming worlds?

You'll cheer, you'll cry, and you'll laugh so hard you might cum a little...I know I just did!

Voting low because of sprite bias will get you a middle finger you cannot see.

Sorry about the abrupt ending. The .fla file corrupted before we had a chance to continue on after the forest scene, which is why there is no other indicator other than a black screen that the file is finished playing.

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dracula's a fucking faggot!

o thank gawd hes gone i rly h8 using that voice!

*is not amused*

You lack the skill to get away with ripping off Kingdom Hearts' opening. Do NOT rip off KH. That turned me off the moment I saw it and ticked me off. If you're going to do it, do it RIGHT. I can understand paradies, but if you can't make it work, it's a complete failure.
Also, really? Could the voice acting be any worse than it is?
You're lucky you aren't swamped with MJ fan flames for insulting him like that.
Also, why the fuck is that guy dressed up like Peter Pan? Was that truly necessary? Couldn't you have found something a little more...fitting? Really, just...no.
Here's a tip, abuse of curse words does not equal comedy. It can be funny for a couple of minutes before it just becomes annoying.
At least the music and animation is decent, but honestly, that's the only redeeming factor here. -_-;

If you have any complaints, comebacks, or arguments, do not hesitate to contact me through PM.

-End Transmission-

Sunrie responds:

Oh god, you're that troll everyone makes fun of. Well, who am I to not as well when you make it so easy, kid?

Lack of skill? Hardly. Up until the point where the Goombas are falling from the sky screaming, "My balls are burning!" it is a second for second, frame for frame, perfect sync. Not only can I rip off and rip on Kingdom Hearts, but I will, and have done so already with the in production Game Ranger 4. You need help, fanboy.

Yes, the voice acting can be extremely worse than it is. Even those who didn't quite like the animation style in this one, compared to the third, found the voice acting and conversations to be the best part, next to story progression. You probably found "hidden meanings" in the movie Avatar, though.

Why is the guy dressed up like Peter Pan? Because it was the gayest and funniest outfit I decided on him. The real Ron (Ron Allan Seiver) is a known pedophile, one of the worst trolls on the Internet, spreads out obscene homosexual propaganda (not in a "they have rights" kind of way), and is a balding, worthless loser...all at the tender age of 29. He was going bald starting at the age of 23 and was fired as a security guard. So, yes, it is completely necessary. You obviously aren't paying attention to the series, because you'd understand he's also not supposed to be the Game Ranger. He is more of an accident due to the summoning ritual being interrupted. The entire point of the series is to find out if he, in some strange way, can fulfill the destiny.

Here's a tip: Abuse of curse (it's cuss, kid, not curse) words doesn't not equal a stronger point or a valid one.

I'm not going to waste my time ripping you privately through the inbox when I can do it here infront of everyone, and you can further find yourself the subject of ridicule.

Hey, but remember, you're a person and your opinion matters...only to you, but at least it matters to someone.


This was a swell start to the second episode,i was happy to see it started with Ron being in the Chrono Trigger world with Magus/Janus explaining things and then coming to the Legend of Zelda world and ironically enough Michael Jackson pops up which was all for shock humor but after that it ended without any indication that it ended which was a miss cause if you didn't mention anything about it on the comments above i would have been patiently waiting for a good minute or two,anyways this part devulged very little of the story and didn't have any action in it so there really wasn't much to this part other than some funny parts.

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, sorry about the abrupt ending. The FLA corrupted on me and I was forced to start a new file. Luckily, I had made a preview for someone and had the uncorrupted SWF file!

Good Game references

To the end of time from chrono trigger. lol, imagine if they'd made the game like that instead. He's funny, in a "I'm a douchebag" way/ good work.

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, wouldn't that be awesome? Ron is just your typical redneck loser who's been put in charge of saving the gaming universe! We're working on episode 3, so keep a look out for it! Our new Janus/Magus Zeal did a great job for the voice over in the new one.


kind of creepy and yet good use of video game charecters like zero from megaman x and ricter from chastlevania jolly good show! 5/5 10/10 love it!

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much. Always in it for some creep factor!