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Shamoozal: Crapfest Force

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Grey and Jacquo can't stand one of the cartoons Plum enjoys to watch and set out to do better, but can they?

This is our longest episode yet, and we feel it is packed with a solid amount of variety. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Keep on keepin' on!

I love this series, and I understand it takes a very long time to animate, especially when you some of it in frame by frame, but I gotta say I wish I could see something new from you sooner rather than later! Thanks for entertaining me man!

How doesnt anyone know that David Lee Roth is...

The lead vocalist to Van Halen? Ugh,lol. Anywho. I love the quality of the show. There's an introduction of the problem, conflict about it, and then, a conclusion to it. A decent story, and a hilarious parody. Just get a T.V. cartoon already. Geez.

I love Meaty's laugh.

Hah. Very witty.

Kudos for poking fun at Aqua Teen.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable find. The anime thing was hilarious. And Plum is awesome.

The animation style of the whole thing was excellent, and it had a very polished presentation and feel. Good job!


Our Grand Shamoozal is pushing towards new frontiers in quality. This was an excellent cartoon.

The graphics and artwork were top-notch. It's that little extra detail that really pushes the graphics to a 10; the fire, the breaking glass, the stunning artwork in Frankensteiner, etc.

The style of the cartoon is incredibly unique and I haven't seen a thing like this on Newgrounds. Shamoozal team, you truly have a unique style that many artists would kill for, I'm sure.

Sound quality was superb even in the 'compressing crap' days we live in. I didn't give it a 10 because, the ending theme to Frankensteiner distorted my headphones. Maybe it was because the bass was too much for my $5 headphones, I'm hoping that's the case.

I love it when thing get smashed up. I love it when things get thrown out windows. I especially love it when 'its' get thrown out windows. I'm glad I didn't have to give the violence a 10 because, Shamoozal isn't about blood and gore. You got the hurt across without using blood or intense or obscene graphics. I'm sure Grey would have died if he hadn't been protected by the PG13 rating.

Interactivity? I don't think this category is very important. Maybe a chapters selection would bring this little category up. I really liked the cartoon, but I didn't find the ATHF scene to be all that entertaining the 5th time around. So if I could have skipped that scene it would have been a nice touch. I think another great way to bring up the rating in this category would be to have a nice interactive preloader; a quiz, a connect the dots, a match-up, etc.

Hamburger was not funny, you nailed the aura of ATHF. DLR was great, I thought it was a really great impression. Jacquo is a jerk and he's great. I was almost on the floor laughing when he said "WHY DON'T YOU CRY ABOUT IT!?" in his Jacquo-esque manner. Grey's anime was really funny and the noises were just great. Frankensteiner stole the show with his screaming, fighting, and manliness. I really hope that's not the last we've seen of this loveable character.

Overall, this is definately in my top ten cartoons of all time. Criticism? Nah. Ideas? Just one.

I really think of this episode as the first 'real' one because we finally get to see how each character acts for more than a minute. Don't take that the wrong way, I love your other cartoons. Now I liked the fact that you found a good balance between plot and depth. Some shows give us too much info on the characters, we don't even want to hear about these guys. Then there are others that don't give us enough. My idea (possibly and hopefully yours too) is that you develop the characters on screen more next time around. Possibly using a flash back. How did Grey and Jacquo meet? I'd like to know!

Holy crap that was a long review, if you got to the end of it and you can stay awake, I want to say great job guys and keep it up! The Grand Shamoozal is going places!

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i fuking lold

at jacquos animation
lol frankenstiens penis destroyed the bar lololol

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May 15, 2007
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