Shamoozal: Crapfest Force

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Grey and Jacquo can't stand one of the cartoons Plum enjoys to watch and set out to do better, but can they?

This is our longest episode yet, and we feel it is packed with a solid amount of variety. Hope you guys enjoy it.


this is ******* funny

i did that to my tv when dora was on

Best episode yet.

I'm glad to see this had an intro to explain the story somewhat about the characters in Grey,Plum & Jacquo,as for the cartoon it started off pretty funny with the cartoon in the cartoon of the potato,the banana & David Lee Roth which was pretty random also it was a good change that the main characters talked a lot more in this episode so natrually this episode was not only funnier than the rest but better as well cause of the length and variety of humor it had to offer,i hope a lot more episodes of Shamoozal are like this one. =)

How doesnt anyone know that David Lee Roth is...

The lead vocalist to Van Halen? Ugh,lol. Anywho. I love the quality of the show. There's an introduction of the problem, conflict about it, and then, a conclusion to it. A decent story, and a hilarious parody. Just get a T.V. cartoon already. Geez.

I love Meaty's laugh.


I liked it.

comment's down there, bub

he just ripped a bar in half with his penis!!!!! this definately gets a 10! awesome!!!!!11oneoneelevenone1!!one1

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4.23 / 5.00

May 15, 2007
8:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Original