Shamoozal: Crapfest Force

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Grey and Jacquo can't stand one of the cartoons Plum enjoys to watch and set out to do better, but can they?

This is our longest episode yet, and we feel it is packed with a solid amount of variety. Hope you guys enjoy it.


The animation rocks so hardcore I have to review

Shit man your one smooth animator, and the David Lee Roth part made me laugh my ass off, nice work.

Not bad

Its been awhile since you've putted some Shamoozal on Newgrounds. Welcome back, this flash was pretty good! The voice acting isnt bad ( one of the most important aspects in a flash!!!!!!!). And the grapics work together quite well with your style. I'm not sure if Plum is a new character or not, But include her more in your flashs!! She's hot!! lol

*ahem* sorry


When I first saw this on the front page, it was my first time stumbling upon any of your animations. And once I saw it, I flipped through and watched your other submissions, and became hooked to your work. The animation is very smooth, well colored, and pleasing to the eyes. Your an amazing artist, and hope to see more from you soon, and as far as things go, there weren't any flaws or slight slips with the animation, which was an extra treat, great work.

I really enjoyed this flash

It was smart and witty, the quality and sound were superb and it was pretty funny im looking foward for future flash by you great job.

Don't be messin' with ATHF

Nice job, I like how (at least I'm assuming) made fun of Aqua Teen, although in reality it's awesome.. Animation was good and sound were good too.

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4.23 / 5.00

May 15, 2007
8:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Original