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Shamoozal: Crapfest Force

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Author Comments

Grey and Jacquo can't stand one of the cartoons Plum enjoys to watch and set out to do better, but can they?

This is our longest episode yet, and we feel it is packed with a solid amount of variety. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Dude, sweet!

Ok, way to go! You score pretty high in all of my fields, except interactivity, but that's because it's not a game. Anyway, I clicked on the link thinking that I was going to not like it (I review all submissions on the left side of the front page), but I was pleasantly surprised. Your cunning writing, your art, and your sound made up for anything that was bad about this flash.

Graphics: What can I say about your graphics? Well, they were kickass, flowed right with the sequence of things, and they fit the parts you were trying to do perfectly! Even the art that was supposed to be crappy was still pretty good! You're also an excelent manga artist, which I appreciate! I love the manga genre of drawing, as it has no rules, and the stuff that comes out of it is absolutely excelent. Anyway, all in all, it was probably some of the best art I've ever seen.

Style: Way to go on the animation! It wasn't the best animation I've ever seen (pico, for example), but it was pretty good. I get what your style is, and I think it would go over well with most animation companies. I think that if you practice extreemly hard, and keep at it, you could land yourself a high-paying job as an animator! I mean, your style just flowed, and was easy to pick up. A lot of the time, the animation is really sharp, and that kind of hurts the eyes (anything by Legendary Frog, for example). So, overall, pretty good in this chategory!

Sound: Ok, you all have pretty good voices, and I believe that all your sound effects were original. I mean, what else can I say? Sound effects and voices in animations mean a lot to me. These are the kind of details that make the difference between an overall 6 and an overall 8. If you had good graphics, style, violence, and humor, yet your audio sounded like it came out of a gameboy (no offense to nintendo), I would give it a six, because it seemed half-assed. There's nothing I hate more than seeing a good flash with awefull audio.

Violence: Ok, great! I don't usually like violence, but yours was just the right kind that made the flash animation tick! I mean, when you look at a flash animation, and see that it's all one thing, it gets sort of bland. Nobody wants to see a couple characters walking around a screen, telling random jokes. Ok, sure, some people might be able to get away with it, but usually its because they have a message, or it was supposed to be all about the flash.

Humor: Ok, your type of humor that just cracks me up. Constant jokes, that don't get old, and are related to different topics. I hate seeing a flash (unless it's a parody), that does the same jokes over and over again. Even in a game parody, if its the same basic thing again and again, the joke becomes STALE. But if the author is creative, and keeps comming up with side splitting jokes, its the kind of thing that will make me want to give them a possitive review! Remember, you'll love me if you're on my good side, and want me to die if you're on my bad side.

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Really good

Nice job.

twas good

quite good indeed

Pretty good.

The visuals were pretty nice. A couple parts looked iffy, but it was pretty consistent.
The style is pretty traditional, but it's spiced up with some funky material and a good range of characters.
The sound was okay. I personally quite dislike how Plum makes her nose sound so clogged when she talks. In addition, the meatwad guy had a very annoying voice (much more so than the actual Meatwad).
Violence wasn't too strong, but there was some, I guess.
No interactivity.
The humor was pretty solid. The ATHF spoof was kind've funny, though the actual characters in it didn't parody it too well. The funniest part for me by far was the absurd erection "ba-BAM". The anime thing was also pretty amusing.
Overall, I'd work on trying to work a bit more on your imitation of what you're parodying, and tweak Plum's voice a bit.

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Pretty damn good. I loved the Aqua Teen Hunger force parody at the beggining. But does this mean you think A.T.H.F. is crappy?

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Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

May 15, 2007
8:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Original