Mario vs Yoshi(WTH)

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this was a part in a sprite fight collab. but it died. but i didnt want to just let this go to waste. just like my first sprite fight on here, there is no point to it lol



good work I only had some lag (crap computer) but your animation is good and it was an awesome fight. I think you were inspired by the power star movies but i could be wrong. keep up the good work and with movies like this it's a pitty that the collab went wrong


i really like all of your work and things and i think you should make another yoshi movie. the only reason that it got a 9 out of 10 is because they had no real reason for fighting unless there is some sort of preivios flash that i didnt see anyway your should make another about mentoes or yoshi beating the crap out of mcdonalds or sumtin


Surprised it doesn't have a higher score for this sprite fight was badass though it may have been a bit short and the end was bad but overall i enjoyed it much.

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It was very good.

Who cares if it doesn't have a plot? By the way, put in a replay button. XD

Part of our collab

Ya its nice backlash and all, but guess what we have to decided to bring this collab back on its feet I guess without you. Wolfinator is going to be the leader and we still have plenty of posters. Look out for us in a few weeks... We didnt want everything to be in vain. Even if it doesnt get such a great score we tried and we had fun with it right? And yah, we wish u were still in this but u were one of the reasons it died, you kind of just left, and our morale dropped. ( I did too but i had emergencies)

But yeah great part like all your other work.

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3.72 / 5.00

May 15, 2007
5:11 PM EDT
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