Road Trip - Washington

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5/15/07 5:38 PM

The looping problem has been fixed. Thank you all.


WATCH THIS TO THE END!!! I know the beginning and middle scenes are much more poorly animated than the rest, I did those in April. The rest of the scenes I did were animated just last week. This took me from April 9-May 15, and this has been my first production submitted in months. Tomorrow, you can expect another flash of mine to come out.

VintageBro - Supervisor, Voice Actor
InfinateLoop - Writer, Voice Actor, Artist, Animator

FPS: 24, going on 2s (except for lipsync)
Production Time: April 9-May 15, 2007
Scenes: 7

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Well it was a pretty unusual flash entry with some points that i liked a lot and others that could have been improved. The good points were the syncing of the mouths to the voices which was really well done, the voice acting was also a highlight from this flash the two voices for the guys were great and the mexicans voice was well done too and i thought that your humor was quite hilarious. The points that need improving are the graphics which were alittle rough especially the characters outlines and alittle more animation with eye movement and limb movement would help. Overall a good flash, i had a good chuckle.


InfinateLoop responds:

Thanks, all good reviews are enjoyed.


^^Good Points^^
The storyline wasn't too bad. I liked some of the script in this, it wasn't too bad. Also, a decent job on the voice overs.

^^Needs Improving^^
At first it was very confusing. The whole scene didn't look like an RV at all. I understand you got better by the end, but the difference is way too obvious. Your characters don't even look the same in the two minute span.

InfinateLoop responds:

Yeah, next episode will have more consistency.

Fix a few things

there is a poor scene transition in the middle and the video loops.

you only had joke [area i found funny] in the movie. "Me n the gas have a 42% chance of working out" if you put more comedy in like this then you can easily have a 5.

your graphics are good.

InfinateLoop responds:

I have a hard time with storylines, its a fact. I try to get better.

I live in Portland

That movie was close to home..BUT!!! Its not "or-e-GONE" its "or-a-gun" like "Should I take a knife or a gun" only all together real fast like..And someone from washington should know that, considering people around here take offense to that pretty fast.

Also, the plot was kinda weak..not like 'damn this plot is so weak dude!' just like, there wasn't much strength behind it, I didn't fall in love with any characters or care why anything happened to them.

But, you got 3/5..I think you should also come to a good ending point and end it. Looping back to the beginning cost ya a point...but, next time it wont be a problem.

InfinateLoop responds:

Yeah, for some reason the actionscript for the preloader button didn't work. I'll fix it momentarily.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

May 15, 2007
4:48 PM EDT
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