Star Island

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Roll and jump through fun levels and collect all the stars from Star Island.

- 16 fun levels
- exclusive composed music

There is already a sequel planned for this game.
Please tell me what you would like to see improved and what new things you would like to see in the sequel?


That what I was thinking.

It does remind me of Loco Roco (only without the constant sing that walks a thin line.). I love this game. Its really cute. Play it, you won't go unsatisfide.

Reminds me of LocoRoco

Fun platformer.

I Love This Game

This is a brilliant game. Very well made. Anyone who disregards this game because it is too kiddy is stupid. That is what makes this game so much fun. It reminds me of being small again and staying up until late at night playing games like sonic and the original mario. This is a game that makes you realise the glory days of gaming. I LOVE IT!! In the sequel I think the controls can be slightly tweaked to try and give th gamer a bit more control over the star. I also think a story mode would be great. Also bosses would be good as well. Maybe bigger levels as well with no time limit so you can have free rein and explore the world a bit better.

And thanks again for a brilliant game. I look forward to the sequel. Now Im going to go finish it!

Tight game just a few problems

Well I have to say Star Island is a good game, I really liked that the music went with the theme of the entire game. Despite having all those colors the game maintained its framerate on my computer. Levels were a bit linear but the enemies went together with them. I only got to level 10 before losing all my lives but a suggestion would be to put some boss battles ever 3 levels or something similar to that. Another thing that kinda bothered me was that the smiley face looked pixelated while everything else looked vector'd and smooth. Regeneration by items would have helped, or at least getting your hearts back after a level. Other than that the game was tight and I can't wait for a sequel.

it's like you put happy into flash

so bright cheery fun and pretty.
nice game, simple and fun
and hot damn is it colorful

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3.85 / 5.00

May 15, 2007
4:05 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other