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-*THANKS FOR THE FRONT PAGE AND DAILY FEATURE! I am a great fan of Newgrounds and am so proud to be able to achieve such an award from such a brilliant site!*-

My A2 level final art exam piece. The theme that I chose was ‘disguise’ and this is the result of 12 hours of the 15 hour exam.
Special thanks to Rach for support, Monty for his help, and Anthony for the credits music. The main music is ‘Alpha Beta Gaga’ by Air. I hope you enjoy the preloader too!



It's neat, what made you think to make something like this?


These are the Kings of diguise:) great work of making such a movie, but it should have been longer..


the pre-loader is stolen from upchucky.net.

Peda responds:

I have now visited upchucky.net and can confirm to you newgrounders that there is indeed a very similar game on their front page as I have designed for the preloader. I would like to respectfully make clear that I was unaware of this game and thankfully it is the film that should be the bulk consideration for your reviews. The preloader game itself was programmed in about half an hour, its an easy creation so i recommend other artists to try it for themselves! Thank you for the good review scores anyway Shomer.

This is very good animation!

First things first, i loved the loading screen, that was very clever and a strangely fun way of killing time =].

...I liked it, This animation was very different from what all of the other authors dish out and it worked well. I loved the amount of detail you put into the landscape, it really set this animation aside from others. The whole concept of the spy sneaking up on the creepy weird looking guy was very good. It added the humour too it aswell as making it look clever how he blended in with the people by literally pulling on a disguise. The sound was clear and i liked the cheeky kind of tone to the music, it deffinately suited then characters in the movie, well done with that.

However, i would like to offer you some CC. Yes the graphics were good and detailed but i thought that the movement wasn't very good. This is something you should improve on and im sure you will.

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Peda responds:

Thank you! I love proper reviews, you obviously have a skill.
I understand what you say about the movement, Exam conditions did lead me to cut corners when I was focussing on the art (it was an art exam, I'm glad you liked it). For a better look at movement I reccomend my animations 'Identity' and 'cartoon'.


That was pretty good! I liked the style that you used and the kind of spy theme that was in there. The music was nice and suited the movie well. Please submit more!

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Peda responds:

Glad you like my work! I do have an unsubmitted entry to put up here soon, I've put it on youtube and due to some controversial style, i am weary about submitting it here. Look to the future for more submissions though CzarRoger!

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3.83 / 5.00

May 12, 2007
2:37 PM EDT