The Castrated World

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How maintanable is your lifestyle? If you live in a fantasy world, you will soon learn that ignorance is not bliss. ~3MB, good music, brief and sweet. New style.
Wake up.


Great job!

Although most will just see this flash and say, "sweet, hot girls, AWEZOME!" Let me say, the message contained within is great, and I liked it! 5/5!

-Nathan of Taco Buttfish Cartoons

mhhhh women... but is it anti semetic?

its funny coz its sounds like its against the jews when it says 'the castrated world' and the women are Fucking hot!

First,this a song with pictures in it...

Second,I understand the song,since I'm a Quebecois,but the pictures and the text didn't make sence with the song.

where to begin

slideshow, i understand why u'd use this method, but i can't help but fault you on the intent of it.

interesting music makes me wish i had a better french teacher, id like to know what the title of the song was and what the lyrics actually are, however id doubt that it matters to the content of ur "flash", as such i think u could have used anything, linkin park would seem a good choice as they also seem to have a lot of teen angst 'girfriends broke my heart' etc. lyrics.

the text, mostly clear and stayed up long enough for me to read it( i am a speed reader though) so i can only fault you on that for its content.

ok see constructive criticism.

as for the intent of the flash........
i dont intirely disagree as you covered a few bases here, but ill rebut you on nearly every point;
one becuase i find it intellectually stimulating(thanks for portraying such an easy bunch of stuff for me to rebut),
two becuase i have seen some of ur other flashs i worry bout ur particular take on life, i think u need a calm and reasoned talking too about the facts of life that although many people live in blissful ignorance of still manage to grasp,
and three the things you display in these flashs the things you believe and want other people to believe are patently false.

1. you do know that at least half of the girls pictured in these college websites and myspace type websites are not real students at all just the internets newbrand of sexworkers, maybe they protray themselves as college students but lets be honest, and how many colleges are there in america?, what degrees do you honestly think they are taking? are they getting jobs in these areas? do they pass or fail and doesnt their attendance of lack of still contribute revenue to the schools for better equipment and higher teacher salaries?

2. admitting that some of them are students who somehow manage to pass their chosen degree and get a job whats the harm?(if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?)(what makes you think they will continue to degrade themselves in the way you say they do)

3. sigh sorry bout ur uncle he hates his job i gather, im not going to talk about fate (even though i can make the argument for it) cos thats not fair i don't know ur uncle or anything about him or the job or education system at the time that lead to his (mechanics a bad job over there?) "predicament".

4. ur confused, definition of a whore is someone who sells herself sexually in rather degrading ways (mostly), how is this prudish?
lets say instead that some girls protray themselves sometimes in slutty ways, and at other times can be indifferent to the opposite sex. while some girls are uptight about sex, waiting for "the one" or just being indifferent, to be fair there are an infinite number of ways for a girl to be, just as there are infinite ways for a guy to be, is it fair for a girl to be called a slut for wanting sex, or called frigid for not?

5. sigh, fact of life or meaning of life? we live to procreate as all living creatures do, we for our sampling of the forbidden fruit of knowledge(please excuse my translation of the adam and eve story, im really not this religious) must take a more complex route to our lives than if we lived as animals. when u boil life down to its simplest points should we list our jobs?

6. i think that the drive to wards betterment of the species as a whole is worthy of our individual contribution, however not at the exspense of freedom.(what?? you may ask) u think that a girl takes up a position that could be better filled by a man, if the man fills the role better then this is better for all humankind, safer nuclear power, better advancement of technology etc. i concur, if the man fills the role better, the laws have three readings;
the legal definition what the legal words mean when said together,
the lawmakers intent, what the law was written to promote or avoid,
and finally
the peoples intent, often a law is written because the people demand it. what did they want?


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This is so stupid and a waste of everyones time. I mean I'm probably not saying anything that hasn't already been said, but yeah, you don't know these girls, you aren't in class with them, you probably don't even know how hard they work, and some of those pictures may just be girls posing as college students. People who make it to college worked to get there and have to work to stay in there. You can't stay in it with just money alone, you have to make the grades too.

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