The Castrated World

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How maintanable is your lifestyle? If you live in a fantasy world, you will soon learn that ignorance is not bliss. ~3MB, good music, brief and sweet. New style.
Wake up.

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Thinking is good. Are you sure you're doing it?

This is the question all philosophers have to ask themselves: do I believe in what I believe in because all the facts have led me to believe it, or have I rationalized what I really want to believe?

Your movie makes me ask myself this question, and I hope you asked this question of yourself when you made it.

What kind of change do you actually want to see in the world?

Do you want to see these girls who you see acting irresponsibly start acting like women and taking responsibility for themselves? Do you want recognition for the things you've done right? Or do you just want to slap some bitches?

If you just want to 'teach the world a lesson,' you're probably thinking less than you think you are. Anger is not thought.

You consider yourself a thinker? Then help the world out by showing you're not spouting the same sort of garbage you claim you won't take. Set up some premises - REAL premises, not pictures of random sluts. I'd be able to find similar pictures of white men. They don't prove anything. Make premises that anyone can see are true, unopinionated and pure. Then, when you come to the conclusion, everyone will be able to see if you are right.

Having an opinion contrary to the people around you doesn't mean you're a deep thinker. Show the facts behind your thinking and you might earn some respect.

uh huh...

okay i respect your veiws i guess but from a first glance, this whole movie just seems like an excuse to make a slideshow about half naked girls rather than your opinions


...(claps)...Finally,someone with a mind(im not saying no one else does,its just barely anyone with one will actually stand up.)And im not talking about the pictures.You have my 5/5 every day im on here.

okay, but...

this wasn't really an animation as it was a slideshow. the pictures were alright, but the message to this one was not. it was totally wrong. an actual type of animation would've been nice for this one and not a NC-17 rated slideshow. a bit more effort also could've been put into this one.... just a suggestion.

Barely worth watching, Pointless.

You're stereotypical, and you don't know any of those girls individually. Smart girls can be hot, and can be proud of their bodies, they can go to parties and get drunk, and still pass a test the next day. Your hatred scares me some what, you sound like some sort of columbine shooter. Have you ever been laid? or had a girlfriend?.. What's wrong with physical attraction and anything you're against. I like how you brought religion into this topic, another thing that is extremely debatable.


Get.. Laid..

doubtfish responds:

On account of not really caring enough to type out something for this little whine, I'll direct you to a post I posted on mabtw.com under the alias for my alias, Doubt.

Because this is a forum of logic and knowledge, a strange and abstract subject to the female race. We are but poor, paultry disenlightened MEN. Yes, a lowly creator, a walking dildo who also functions as a carpenter, repair man, mechanic, electrician, banker, programmer, construction worker, police man, manager, philosopher... But, alas, you continue to bludgen us with your own dildo of shallow opinions. Yet you come here with a closed mind, unable to process any view but your own. This is what screwed over the public school system - the idiotology that we all MUST be equal. Red will never be green, tall will never be short. You can't expect a 16 year old girl to go out and save the world except in a shitty Lifetime propiganda special. But we are taught this double-think bullshit. Anyways, what does bring you to a site where you are not welcome and you cling to illogical and unsupported views? We back up our philosophy with hard evidence. You just bring up irrevelant questions. Guess what? No one did anything living in a fantasy world. Every now and then we get the truth out so that a five year old boy does not have to live under the false pretense that somehow he is inferior to a girl. That just fucks up your mind and thought waves. That's how serial killers and perverts are made. A love for the superior femme race.

And one by someone else which fits the point...

diamatik (1069) Says:
May 12th, 2007 at 6:22 pm - IP Man-Hash: ec4c877368282

Some of the good men on this manly forum here are sorely miss-informed. Women cannot have orgasms. This is the reason why they hate sex, and also the reason why it is a waste of time trying to ‘please’ them.

Sex is for the man to enjoy, and for the woman to supply.

Women don't like sex. Use common sense, hell, just use sense. You're really just an effiminate version of that Cho guy.

Oh, and this...
Well, female, there's another loss for you. Any more arguments you would like to fail at, or have you finally recognized your inferiority for what it is? If you haven't yet, look at yourself naked in the bathroom. It will help that feeling of helplessness gradually sink in - and let it. All the better to get it over with early then to vent your frustration like a screeching harpy. No, not the little debate on the difference between medieval quackery and modern science. I mean your entire history of rants you have made on a site you don't even belong on. The second you go past the title page you're already in the red. And from there there's no ascent.
http://www.menarebetterthanwo men.com/hashsearch/63402/

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May 12, 2007
9:46 AM EDT
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