Tom's Wedding Day!

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Thanks for Front Page ;)

Tom, the creator of Newgrounds is getting married today! This is a tribute contribution animation I created in honor of Tom's big news!

Please Note: This is just a tribute, nothing big. I started this late last night when my friend Lalo, mentioned the idea to me. So please take it for what its worth -- as a dedication flash. :]] Enjoy!

Congratulations Tom and April on your big day!


Hey if this is true...

Congrats on Tom...

I like your idea...but you could have asked for some help with the voices...it's really funny for the wrong reasons....

anyways...nice animation

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Rudy responds:

I like using the same voices sometimes because it adds humor, or so I like to think (:

....hell, why not?

lol, pretty good, i had heard tom was getting married, and i guess this is tribute(?) or is it just a cheap shot?
either way, a decent animation, better then anything I could do, I liked it, and at first, for a split second, i thought the preist was a medic,
don't ask why, the cross looked like a little medic cross, just something i thought woukd, well, you know, shuold be put out there...
any ways, wrapping it up, good animation, congradulations to making front page and congradulations to Tom fulp on getting married to...i think it was either april, or the date of the wedding was in april, either way...yeah...
So, good flash...i guess...kinda short, the graphics were a little on the immature side, meaning it made them look young, maybe you were going for that on purpose, i don't know...
so anyways, getting back to the topic at hand,
they're evil little fools...

Rudy responds:

hah thank you. I like your review :D Medic though? ahah :D

Not bad

Now you sould get to work on the honey moon flash

Rudy responds:

I was actually thinking of making one, I don't quite know yet. I have some ideas on future ones.

great/sucked at the same time

it was totally horrible in sound and story, and sometimes I couldn't understand the audio, but I understand what you're doing. I understand you made this as a simple " happy wedding, fulp!" flash. It was probbably made in about one night, and for that, I say it was awesome. so for something you probbably made in about a day or two, it was good. And I know you're not tryin' to be funny or anything, you're just tryin' to say happy wedding fulp! good. it gets a 7 out of 10.

Rudy responds:

I only have a few hours to make this :/ Thanks.

Awesome! Outstanding! I'm semi-erect?

ROFL you better fucking say yes xD

Great job :)

Rudy responds:

:] hah thanks. :]]] Semi-erect? :O

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3.50 / 5.00

May 12, 2007
6:55 AM EDT
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