Tom's Wedding Day!

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Thanks for Front Page ;)

Tom, the creator of Newgrounds is getting married today! This is a tribute contribution animation I created in honor of Tom's big news!

Please Note: This is just a tribute, nothing big. I started this late last night when my friend Lalo, mentioned the idea to me. So please take it for what its worth -- as a dedication flash. :]] Enjoy!

Congratulations Tom and April on your big day!


Wedding cake for all

A man once made a site and it was called "newgrounds". He created this for all animators to share there ideas. He didn't ask for anything in return and this tribute has shown that even the kindest of people get a tribute everytime.

Rudy responds:

:] hah thank god Tom made this site.


Cute little funny thing you got here. A few gags, a funny priest/minister/whatever, funny voices. It's all good. Nice music and animation. Not really much i can say on it, but I enjoyed it, and you did well. All that matters i suppose. :)

Rudy responds:


very good

Although the voices were not great the sense that they were all yours was there, which is funny.

I will put a link in from my DS Tom's Wedding to yours, cos yours is fun.
Best Wishes from the Dragons & Spirits,

Rudy responds:

I liked that they were all done by me, it did add humor

and thanks!

Good graphics, bad sound

Basicly, I found the animation quite good, the bit i found funny was when he said "you better say yes", the sound needs improving, the only way i could hear was with the speakers nearly at thier loudest, and then when he shouted yahoo, it was incredibly loud, or mabye my speakers are dodgy, who knows, anyway, i like this, 'cos it
a) told me about tom's wedding (congrats) and
b) showed me that newgrounds, ain't ALWAYS about humour, and also, the guy who insulted the bit he called the "punchline" is a fool, 'cos there was none, very well done.

Rudy responds:

:) thank you.

Haha :P

good movie :D

"you better fucking say yes!"

Rudy responds:

hah everyone loves that line

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May 12, 2007
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