Tom's Wedding Day!

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Thanks for Front Page ;)

Tom, the creator of Newgrounds is getting married today! This is a tribute contribution animation I created in honor of Tom's big news!

Please Note: This is just a tribute, nothing big. I started this late last night when my friend Lalo, mentioned the idea to me. So please take it for what its worth -- as a dedication flash. :]] Enjoy!

Congratulations Tom and April on your big day!


congratulations tom!!!!

yay tom! congratz dude... uhhh hope u have fun on ure honeymune (misspelled i think)

Rudy responds:

:D Honeymoon - That's the correct way :D

AAW sweet

aaw how sweet Tom is getting a family with kids...
and Newgrounds will be in chaos after it...
well yeah nice flash ;D

Rudy responds:

Little Newgrounders running around...hm that gives me an idea...


Lol. One of the best flashes ive seen all day. It was short yet it was hilarious! " Better Fucking say yes!" Man you get a 5 from me.

CONGRATS TOM AND APRIL!! Now you guys get to grow old together...... and umm..... Old people cant get it up anymore...... yeah....... GO GO POWER RANGERS! Gangsta Style!

Rudy responds:

:) ahah thats great. Thank you.

Pretty crazy.

Somehow I think that's what Tom was like at his wedding. That was a stunningly good portrayal of what I think he looked like.
I don't understand two things though:
When Tom was talking to Wade he had no body...
After Tom talks about the honeymoon the music just plays on and on.
It was really funny, and of course I laughed at when Tom said that April "better fucking say yes." Please respond!

Rudy responds:

:) Everyone loves that line. But I believe when he talks to Wade, he has a body? ...doesn't he...:o....

i gotta check that out ah

perfect movie for a fulp wedding

graphics were drawn and animated well. nice work with voice acting. Audio sounded very clear. nice work animating the mouths. Great use of some audio portal background music. How bout that honey moon? whooo! haha nice work!

Rudy responds:

Hah thank you :]]] I had little time to even make this so it was a bit rushed. Its not on the lengthy side but oh well. It is what it is. Thank you for your review.

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May 12, 2007
6:55 AM EDT
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