Tom's Wedding Day!

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Thanks for Front Page ;)

Tom, the creator of Newgrounds is getting married today! This is a tribute contribution animation I created in honor of Tom's big news!

Please Note: This is just a tribute, nothing big. I started this late last night when my friend Lalo, mentioned the idea to me. So please take it for what its worth -- as a dedication flash. :]] Enjoy!

Congratulations Tom and April on your big day!


it was ok

It's a nice tribute to Tom's wedding but the sound needs a lot of work since I had to turn the volume up all the way to hear it. There needs to be less spitting in the mic too.

I also thought that it could've been a little longer.

Rudy responds:

I didn't have much time to expand it a bit longer, it is what it is. :]

How do you know thats Tom is getting married

Was an alright flash there would be a ton of flash movies on tom wedding. Tom would say i'm getting married but theres nothing how are you so sure? But still nice flash movie but it won't get on the frontpage.

Rudy responds:

There's a front page post about it, that Tom posted yesterday, and he also posted one a week ago. (:

love this movie

very very thought full for tom lol funny drawings i loved the pre-loader maybe u should put up a link in the flash forum to that preloader if u put it on a host site very good smooth animation u can tell u worked hard hope this passes judgment a big 5 from me

Rudy responds:

Well, it passed judgment thank god! :) Hah, I'm glad you liked it.

Hey if this is true...

Congrats on Tom...

I like your idea...but you could have asked for some help with the voices...it's really funny for the wrong reasons....

anyways...nice animation

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Rudy responds:

I like using the same voices sometimes because it adds humor, or so I like to think (:


Hey the creator of Newgrounds (quite possibly the best site ever) is getting married?!! How could anyone ever blam this :) hehe
Love it

Rudy responds:

Hah :D I know! :]]

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May 12, 2007
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