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V-tech Rampage

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Author Comments

Leave the reviews of this game alone!

LULZNEWZ: The RIAA contacted Newgrounds because of this game using copyright music they represent so the original version has been replaced with the RIAA EDITION! The original can be seen at googumproduce.com (UPDATE: NO IT CANT..FUCK YOU RIAA!)
Site is back up WITH Vtech since i moved hosts!


this shit was kick ass

hey this game was one of the best iv seen on new grounds and iv been playing the games here for a while ay its about time someone had the balls to do something like this

This was a fun flash game.

Most flash games suck, but this was a fun one.

I love the reviews how everyone is QQ'ing cause they're too weak minded to make their own judgements, and instantly mourn over people they don't even know. Who cares if a bunch of college students got shot up? I don't. I think it's hilarious, and all the people that died should be honored that they helped form a new internet meme. :D

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It just kicked in...

Well the game was kinda short but consideing what its based on I guess thats expected. The gameplay was okay although it did seem shoddy but over all not that bad.

As for the whole V-tec (just kicked in yo) thing..well...thats uninportant. Houndreds of thousands of people die a day in other countries from either natural disasters or killings. Do these events get noticed? Do these events get week-long coverage? Do these events catch the eyes of bleeding heart celebrities? No.

Think about the tsunami a while back. That only got coverage for a few weeks and thousands if not millions of people died. Does anyone really care about it now? No...

And yet when someone goes nuts and kills a mere 32 people the American public wants everyone to feel bad for them. They want everyone to cry for them and help them through this sad sad event. Yeah...not going for that.People die everyday, some by fire, others by bullets. These people at least had the honor of dying in an event that got the attention of a large population. They had people to cry for them, to bitch about games on the internet for them, not everyone gets that. So in my eyes I could give to shits of a damn about V-tech.So stop all your bitching and enjoy the game (or don't I mean its not THAT good).

keep it

awesome game!

Loved it!

great game. pretty fun. I like the Virginia Tech sprites. People get pissy over the dumbest things.

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Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

May 12, 2007
2:25 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional