V-tech Rampage

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Leave the reviews of this game alone!

LULZNEWZ: The RIAA contacted Newgrounds because of this game using copyright music they represent so the original version has been replaced with the RIAA EDITION! The original can be seen at googumproduce.com (UPDATE: NO IT CANT..FUCK YOU RIAA!)
Site is back up WITH Vtech since i moved hosts!


I wish i could give this a 16/10

specifically in the "humour" category. this game was a blast of fresh air in a garden full of weeds. hilarious game, hilarious concept. continue making this caliber of work, newgrounds thanks you.

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It was gunna happen, so this was just groovy !

Man, I saw your webs down, what arses the world is.

Ok, the game was funny as, and over all funny/humour 10/10 !! youd be a top memner of Ogrish com if you arent already. lol. Graphics, I think you intentionally made old school, so while 10 for that, 5 for actual gfx. Style, Hmmm, a fps woulda been sweet, but who the fuck wants to make a flash like that !! lmao. Sound.. music was fitting, but... samples sucked. ack.. Violence.. I wanted to kill the bastards twice, add an injured part, so I can get stuck in !!! haha.. Interactivity - I dont know what that means, I mean anything is.. so 5..

Dont let the arsehole media get you down, you did something that was going to happen, and the media never went apeshit over the muppet version of his plays...

Tops !! :)


5.0 for the balls to do it ;)

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The song

is Shine by Collective Soul. Also, game is favorited. Pure fucking amazing.

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Free speech all the way!

You should know that this game has finally made me decide to join NG and leave a review on a Newgrounds piece.

I'd say I'm defending this submission, but then you don't really need it do you.

Technically, this game is hard to fault. It works. The music, sound, and graphics all work together to create a particular old-time style of game. You seem to have given each character something different to say. The best bit was when one quoted Juliet in Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' - out of context, but very clever.

I understand that people reacted emotionally to the V-Tech massacre and this game is obviously in bad taste right now. But seriously, a lot of the negative reviewers ought to rise above that. What this game has done is to tie up all the little tidbits of information that the media spewed out into a coherent and satirical retelling of the events. Everyone following the story essentially did the same, and it seems unfair to bash one particular piece of work since it's the result of the same thought processes that go on in all of us.

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3.33 / 5.00

May 12, 2007
2:25 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional