Naruto VS Sasuke:Showdown

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Edit: I've gotten quite a few positive reviews, so, if you enjoyed the animation, please help me get it submitted to the naruto collection.

Warning: Sprite/Naruto flash, don't bother watching if you hate either or both.

This took me about 2 months to make, on and off. It's the longest animation I've ever made (just under 2 minutes). Instead of coming up with some half assed story ("hey naruto, fight me!"... etc), I decided to put as much effort as I could into one fight scene. It's about 90% fbf, with effects and some hand drawn sections, and I edited a few of the sprites.

Enjoy, and please review.


i will tell you why

if your a naruto fan you must know that both got even but naruto miss his rasenga and sasuke hit naruto

if you more naruto information tell me or email my at josestorm@aim.com

Leftovers responds:

You're never gona get laid...

its awseome but, i got 1 thing to say

YOU DUMB***! naruto should have wont that why does evryone always choose sasuke?

Leftovers responds:

I know, I was angry aswell. Maybe one day I'll get past it, but I just don't see how...

lol nice

a little short but freakin awesome!! lol an they were fightin in the dbz arena

theres one thing i dont get

and never will why does everyone choose sasuke to win


there wasnt much... fighting... they used all their special moves straight up and transformed like 20 seconds into the fight... other wise it was nice :D

also... WTF xD they sounded like super saiyans at the end

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4.09 / 5.00

May 11, 2007
6:01 PM EDT
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