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The Box by Michelle Denz

rated 3.54 / 5 stars
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May 10, 2007 | 11:17 PM EDT

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Author Comments

The final project for my flash animation class!



Rated 0 / 5 stars


This was the worse animation i have seen in a very long time. gratz. the graphics were chappy and all your bold-lined drawings could have gave a vegtible a headache. your tweens were choppy and poorly coordinated, things (like heads or eyes) blew up out of preportion or deformed, and to add i was extreemly dissapointed at the interior of the box. a bunch of floating, semi-transperent doodles in front of a iTunes visualizer screenshot? the graphics were horrible, your sounds was AMAZINGLY painfull -sounding like someone talking into a kazoo extreemly loud then extreemly quiet a few secconds later per monologue. how could you make this worse? idk.. why not do all your text in solid red Times New Roman and finish it off with two over-sized buttons that cover the text they are trying to represent and move up and down anoyingly everytime your cursor over them. wow. good job.

mizskellington responds:

ouch man.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Artistic

It's very refreshing to see something so original like this. I loved the painting and art - very nice job on that. The animation was quite decent, but some parts had way too much tweening, and some parts (like one of the times when the father is looking down and looks up) requires at least 1 inbetween, without it it was too choppy.

Regardless, marvelous job.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow - Great job!

Graphics - Best part. You are an amazing artist. What programs did you use to create and draw this? I'm assuming Flash to animate, but what else?

Style - Decent direction. I really liked when the boy was resting his head on the pillow.

Sound - The dog bark was kinda.......bleh. The voices were top though.

Violence/Intereactivity - ......

Humor - I gave you a 3 because the voice overs at the end were pretty funny.

Overall - EXCELLENT - I have to type that one thing that brought me out of your movie was when it zoomed in on the man's eye. Then all the weird crappy drawings came about - Although I may be missing a meaning here - If so forgive me.

mizskellington responds:

No, lol, there really wasn't any meaning. It was just random crappyness that I dished out at around 1 in the morning because it was due that day.

And thank you about the art! I used Painter IX for the more detailed images.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good attempt

All in all that was a good piece of work. The drawing was done in an interesting style, although the animation and movement was a little limited. I couldn't help but notice the facial and body movements of the characters were quite simplistic (apart from the eye movements)-but that was one of only afew bads about it. Also, the sound coming from the child sounded tinny, especially in the garden, and the dog's barking was unconvincing.
Besides that, there were things that impressed me, like the use of zoom within the cartoon, and the unsettling way the box's lid moved as if it were speaking. The creatures in the box were a good idea...but let it down abit, as some were just basic squiggles with fangs. I think if you had stuck to eyes, and weird shapes, it would have had deeper effect.
Still, I hope I have been helpful in pointing out the areas I thought needed work. Keep up the good work, this is good, but could be alot better quite easily.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Odd, but cool.

It was good. I thought the animation was part of the style, to be honest. I thought that it fit with the art style. I was a little confused at the end though. The inscription said whoever opened the box would wish they never did. The kid opened the box but it was the father who suffered. Why? There were a couple of creatures with in the box that were creepy. If you had done all the creatures like that, it would have been rockin. The face with the weird eyes and the evil eyes were the best part and fit more with the animation and art style than the child drawings of the other creatures. Other than the creatures inside the box, it was awesome.

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