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Nate and Cheese P1

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Author Comments

Finally our first part of our new trilogy is finally out, sorry for the bad ending, alot of memory.

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So I found a DVD of Nate and Cheese: A New Dope at my local Salvation Army.
I was excited, I brought it home and popped it in. And guess what? No data.

Do you think this is a game? I payed good money for that. I could have bought a pack of gum instead.
Instead I had to spend entire seconds googling "Nate and Cheese". I mean, I tried "A New Dope", but all I got was that stupid comic con weed documentary. God, that documentary was terrible.

Anyways, this all brought me back to the good old days of watching half baked flash cartoons on Newgrounds. Your jokes were sub par, voice acting like nails on a chalk board, sloppy art, barely existent animation, and don't even get me started on the pacing.

Pretty good. Thanks for bringing me back to Newgrounds. If you've stopped making art, stop stopping. Make more art. You were born an artist, die one as well.

greatest to ever be made.

I have to say I played this after playing the sequel, and I think this is better!
Once again I LOVE those 3D graphics of the movie, the enemies didn't look so glamorous but the environments I thought FELT better, the environments in the sequel were pretty but you didn't build enough on this so they became bland. I felt like much more had gone into your surroundings this time as there were trees and lakes ect.
Sounds were better I thought, the music was louder so it was much easier to hear over all of the action and blasting going on, and you introduced an introductory tune when you started the level, when before it was silent, and then once you shot the first enemy the action suddenly began. And lastly in the sounds department I was very impressed with those extra little effects such as the sounds of the water running in the rivers alongside you.
But the gameplay is where I felt this game really shone next to the sequel. The action was much more fast paced this time around and in the sequel the action got pretty boring after a while. In this game you actually walked around over logs and such on rails whereas in the sequel you move along at a somewhat 'sluggish'. Not only this but the action itself was much more exciting as you got to not only throw blades at your enemy (causing a satisfying smashing effect which I was extremely impressed by) but you could also pick stuff up! After you kill a wave of enemies you were never short of guns to pick up I was pleased to see, the ability to pick up different guns and learn their different pros and cons of killing your enemies was a much more satisfying way of progressing along the game, in the sequel you seemed to ignore new guns which was a big disappointment. The cross hair I see was not included here, but that and the fast reloading because of the faster action makes the game much more challenging to beat; and not only will it take a while to beat but you will have a lot of fun and not get bored in doing so, the 'button-bashing' is not so obvious here because you have added different ways of enilating your opponent. You also have the waves of enemies toned down here and in the second one it seems that you just tried too hard to fit so many enemies in. I'd rather have a lot of the same enemies if the whole game moves a lot more smoothly along, like it does in this.
The only thing I would complain about is the fact you have to press 'w' when you want to pick a gun up - try and do this whilst your blasting at a hell lot of enemies and it's pretty much impossible.
Overall I am glad I played this only after the sequel of 'nate and cheese'; because it is the original of the two and certainly the best. The game moves along so much more fluently and in the sequel you seemed to have neglected and left out a lot of great ideas you had in here.

Show-R-Studios responds:

oh i see, this is one of those, automattic reviews, ok ok, cools

greatest movie ever

yay! finally a break through! we did it! i cant wait for the second one!


It was funny and the graphics as well as your style fit the humor. One thing I thought would help was if you maybe had some better voice acting. But the voice for C3PO was awsome. I liked it and I will be looking forward to the next one.