RoboCochran Took an Axe

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Welcome to Episode Two of the "Phoenix Wright: The Forlorn Trials", a series that not only parodies the fantastic game, "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney", but also manages to defecate on many other works too!

If you are one to worry about following the story, please watch Episode One entitled "Only Heroes Wear Cravats."

The Newgrounds Link:

If you have already seen it, or you just care about seeing talking turds and other various poop jokes as soon as possible, you may proceed.


Note: A tremendous thanks to our voice of Edgeworth, Mr. Colton "That Canadian Dude" Watt. Not only was he incredibly patient, he gave one hilarious performance! Hats off to you, sir!


Nice flash

But poor Edgeworth, he lost! D:

Giant robotic turd! lol.


I must have...more...of this...fever, Randomness, give me...please...my Precious doughnuts...JOLLY GRANOLA!

*Shakes head* Sorry, the randomness infected me there, that was quite awesome I must say, I thought the first was good, but what do you know, the second is better, now, you've had Six moneths...pretty PLEASE make a new one, I can lend you a VA if you need more males. Just please, don't let it end, not without an Ending, please! Now I don't sign on often, and I review even less, so this is a rarity, but I really enjoyed this little space oddity, so please, Bring unto us Chapter three.

A Brilliat Piece of Work

Sure, I'm biased because I did a voice in it... However, I find the one problem with it, if anything, IS my voice. I said my lines much to quickly. For this, I apologize to those who watch this, and sincerely hope that they can look past my blunders and see the true comic gold underneath.

Also, thanks for covering my blunder during the opening statement...

Definitely better!

...Than the first episode, that's for sure! And Lavos is in it, for Chrissakes!

nice one!

Loved it,very good chewbacca defense though in this case it was supposed to be actual defense. Also I think you should have made it a bit more obvious what the dick named dick did.

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May 10, 2007
2:28 PM EDT
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