RetributionOfTheFallen 5

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A beast long thought dead returns from the underworld to wreak havoc once again.



Ok so first Im thinking to myself. Well the animation isnt too bad, much like what most people have in the beginning... Then it turns into what I can only asume to be something made by the clock crew.

Messege to the clocks... why? why dont you try harder? why waist the time making these?

DrFishSticks responds:

I'm not a clock, all I did was drastically change the style after the intro, and it had decent if unconventional animation that actually took quite awhile to sync with the lyrics of the music.
Try harder to keep an open mind, mate : D

Not really worth watching

Could have been really cool with the killing and what not. But then the beans thing was just gay.......You did put hardwork in though.

Not worth it..........

DrFishSticks responds:

hmmm, well, you noticed the hard work, so I shan't rant.


lol what the hell was that? I was expecting something serious. It caught me off guard so it was pretty funny.

DrFishSticks responds:

^^ glad you liked it!


<3'd the lip sync and i Laughed out Loud several times. :D

DrFishSticks responds:

lmao thank you, I spent many hours of blood and sweat on the lip synch. I'm glad you noticed my hard work!


Best special effects since Leprechaun in the hood, best use style than TNT Jackson, best wide range stereo arantium sound freerange quantium system than george michael himself!!!!!!!!!!! The variable of athleticablity condemds the supertnemium to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL !!!!!!!!!! Perhaps we will see what happens next!? I can't wait!!! WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD NOW HAPPEN IN THE HOUSE OF STEER-KAHN!!! I GIVE THIS 6 WIBBLY WOBBLY EGGS OUT OF 5

DrFishSticks responds:

^_^ thank you kind sir, I created this piece of art as a birthday present to the star pictured in it. I hope he enjoys it as much as you clearly did!

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3.90 / 5.00

May 10, 2007
1:29 PM EDT
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