Baron von Brunk vs. SAW 2

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The best pointless cash-in sequel of the year is finally here! The Baron is back in this rip-roaring follow up to the hilarious Halloween SAW parody of 2006! This is a Von Brunk bonanza, chock full of goodies, easter eggs and funny scenes!


come on

you really had to do all the characters yourself??? thats one thing i hate whenever its done. its so uncreative and really doesnt give anyone that much of a personality.your animating also needs a lot of work. very rookie type flash

von-Brunk responds:

I had to do all of the characters myself, as opposed to what; Importing jpgs? I'm sorry, junior, but that silly random internet humor animutation crap you seek cannot be found here.

Pretty good...especially the Tom Waits

I wasn't going to review this, but that's one of my favorite Tom Waits' songs that you used.

Nicely done little cartoon here. Not the most funny thing I've ever seen, but certainly entertaining...i'm going to check out the rest of your stuff.

That is a strange donkey you have shaved.

Stupid and Random, the norm from Brunk and what you excel at.
This was a tiny bit better humoUr-wise, but BVB vs Saw was a little more coherent.
Still, that's what we want, right?

Oh, and please, don't make a 3rd, or you'll be more contradictory than the Pope. Buuurn!

it ok

pretty funny but there are better one out there that aren't to hard to find

Good Flash

Very good Flash when you look beyond the visual and audio quality and study the underlying principle that SAW has killed the story to soak up profits from an adoring public. That's the point of this satire for you morons if you don't understand it. The "Back to the Hood" thing was hilarious and the "SAW in Space" thing reminded me of Jason in Space (Halloween movies). The artwork and audio could use improvement but I can easily overlook these things when the concept is this good. Great work von Brunk!

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4.02 / 5.00

May 10, 2007
10:34 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody