Baron von Brunk vs. SAW 2

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The best pointless cash-in sequel of the year is finally here! The Baron is back in this rip-roaring follow up to the hilarious Halloween SAW parody of 2006! This is a Von Brunk bonanza, chock full of goodies, easter eggs and funny scenes!



"now you know what its like to be handicapped too!" lol, i hope you make another this was really good

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Hey, I thought it was good, and I loved the first one, lolololol.

Favorite part is the "AAAAWWW" thing he always does, lolz.

awsome easter egg i found

i found this easter egg that was THE TOMOUR GIVES ME POWERS lol
the reason most people sended bad eviews was because of they expected to be more killing and torture insted of just there being him crippled nice idea i can see some originality but i have seen some ofther flashes a bit like that keep up the great work cant wait to see more you rock >:)

I didn't laugh, but I did appreciate it

This was more disturbing than funny IMO. The Baron being beaten by jigsaw's henchmen was kinda f**ked up (also interesting seeing as Jigsaw 's only helper was that girl he 'saved') but then again its a spoof, so he cares right?
I see you made reference to the Saw sequels, and how you thought they were money making ploys cashing in on a good idea. I actually thought Saw 2 was alright and held its ground as a horror movie, but I've heard Saw 3 is just twisted and graphic without having any of the craftsman ship or tension of the original.


The first half was kinda funny, with him being crippled haha.
"My nemesis, MICHAEL JACKSON!" hahaha.

However, after that scene, all that about "prequels" and "there will be sequals" was just stupid.

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May 10, 2007
10:34 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody